Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

Day 9-10

Here is a concise summary of the events of Days 9 and 10:
Day 9:

  • After dealing with the Frost Giants, the party continued down to Frostgrip B2. Alex channeled positive energy into these ancient crystals (via turn undead) to move the party through a slightly confusing puzzle.
  • The party then found the way to B3, where they encountered a large host of undead. After exploring B3, the party discovered two staircases to B4 and a large Dwarven elevator that goes from B3 to one of Frostgrip’s watchtowers on the exterior. The party then rested.

Day 10:

  • The party continued down the top staircase to B4, and uncovered two dwarven elevators. One elevator goes up to the other exterior watchtower, and the other elevator is guarded by an impassable barrier of ever-changing elemental energy.
  • The party also discovered a secret Chapel to Moradin, which is Hallowed and bestows the Hide from Undead spell upon the party (duration 1 hour).
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