Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

Days 3-4

Day 3

Alex, Athnorelthon, and the rest of Athnorelthon’s followers used magic to quickly travel out of the swamp and into the Ba’lik Pass, which was close to the dwarven capital city of Fengar. On the way, they encountered four young White Dragons, which almost killed a few weaker followers. The group beat the dragons through sheer force of numbers and astute selection of magical spells.

After a tiresome journey, the group reached the gates of Fengar. They were quickly met by a large force of dwarven guards, who surrounded them and questioned why an elf and a human were leading a bunch of outsiders into the city. Being diplomatic, Athnorelthon told the guards that the group was peaceful in intent and that they were in Fengar to seek an audience with the Dwarven King. One of the guards (presumably a captain of sorts) gave Athnorelthon a note and told him to present this to the guards at the castle gate when he wished to speak with the King.

Once they entered the city, they spent a long time browsing the streets for available houses to use as a base of operations. They eventually settled on a large house in the Rinthar Dwarkar (Hill Dwarf district), and Athnorelthon bought the house. In the process, he learned that the house was owned, under contract, by a dwarf named Logan Goldsnapper, who owned many pieces of real estate in the city. Athnorelthon also bought some “magical protection”, and a crew of dwarves and gnomes entered the house and began installing simple magical traps. Alex also found an interesting fungus (at least we think it’s some kind of fungus or plant…anyway) and put it into a plant pot in the building so that Laralan could use it to travel to Fengar instantly. The only thing that their home is not protected from is Scrying.

Meanwhile, in Ar’ginth, Laralan and Morak woke up. When Aramil was ready, he scried Alex and spent an hour or two studying the dwarven home that Alex and Athnorelthon were now in. He then teleported the pair to Fengar, holding himself back with a pendant of Dimensional Anchor, as he couldn’t afford to leave his men for even a few moments. The two then caught up with Alex and Athnorelthon.

Aust and Belfalcon had passed the four tests in the Castle of Solace, so they were able to speak with the Oracle. Before speaking with the oracle, they ran into an old Gray Elf by the name of Sedriel Neolas, who was referred to Aramil as his “old apprentice.” Before speaking to the Oracle, Neolas told them that they had one question each, and that Aust’s raven familiar may also ask a question. The questions and answers were the following:

Belfalcon: “Where is Serah Kyssinder?”
Oracle: “She arrived on the Eastern Continent in Eolas by walking the winds. Right now, she is approximately 3 miles south-southwest of the elven settlement, in the place that was once holy, but is no longer due to her actions.”

Aust’s Raven: “How can we stop King Valerian from destroying the Spellfountain?”
Oracle: “There are two ways to stop King Valerian. You can either kill him, or obtain the talisman which controls the sphere that destroys all things.”

Aust: “Where is this ‘talisman which controls the sphere that destroys all things’?”
Oracle: “The Talisman dwells in the cold, frigid land far to the North. There, it lies in the dungeon that was fought over by the first races of men, constructed and destructed by the first mages, and is now in the frozen grip of the Giants of Ice.”

They then left the Oracle’s presence. Aust decided to explore the Castle of Solace for a while before teleporting to join the others at Fengar.

Day 4

Essentially, the party spent the day doing various non-combat-related activites in Fengar.

  • Alex started the day by Scrying King Valerian’s personal page, Arnold, with the help of Athnorelthon, who was familiar with him. The spell was successful, and Alex was able to view Arnold’s activities for a few minutes. Arnold was tending to Valerian’s horse, which appeared to have a hellish complexion. He also was not too fond of Valerian, and seemed to be serving him out of fear more than anything else. Based on the immediate surroundings of Arnold, Alex concluded that Valerian was still with his army somewhere near Martyr’s Rest and the outskirts of Ar’ginth. Alex’s spell fizzled out when Arnold walked into an impressive tent that was assumed to hold someone of importance. Alex then spent the rest of the day by the Dwarven mines, healing workers who were injured by mining accidents and a recent outburst of oozes found in the deep mines. After earning their trust through healing, a few of the dwarves explained some of the intricacies of their mining projects. They felt like they were making progress in expanding two of the lower sections of the mine.
  • Athnorelthon went to seek an audience with the Dwarven King, King Dalin Axearm. He also asked some of the local dwarves about proper dwarven etiquette before doing so. He had to wait for over two hours, as a proposal from Logan Goldsnapper, the owner and operator of the Bank of Ba’ren, was deemed most pressing. Nonetheless, Athnorelthon and a few followers were allowed into the King’s throne room (without weapons and offensive magic). Athnorelthon told Axearm of his group, officially named the United Nations. He stated that the UN was a peacekeeping organization between all of the various races. Athnorelthon asked Axearm for permission to hold a branch of the UN within the city. Axearm was skeptical of this group’s intentions (as they could have been foreign spies), so he said that he will put the UN to the test. He told Athnorelthon that if he retrieved both the Stonehammer Heirlooms (recently stolen by ogres) and the Phoenix Helm (recently stolen by Frost Giants), then he would consider the group’s intentions noble and allow them to operate freely within the city. Until that point, the group’s actions may be closely monitored.
  • Morak went to the Dwarven Daily, seeking records or information on the Frost Giants. The newspaper is actually owned and operated by a group of gnomes that dwell within the city, as they love gossip and spreading the word. Though they were skeptical of Morak’s reasons for wanting information, they saw little harm in sharing information that was already publicized. Morak learned that, recently, three dwarves were rescued from Frostgrip, a fortress that was taken over by the Frost giants and used to hold captured dwarves. The dwarves and the giants are in an unofficial state of war, and have been for years. The three dwarves were rescued by a party of King Axearm’s reliable men, and they scaled the fortress by using magic to fly over the walls in a daring rescue mission. Morak spent the rest of the day visiting two of the dwarves (who were related and living together). They told Morak that the Frost giants hate fire (obviously), that there are more winding tunnels and chasms underneath the main fortress, and that it would be suicide to go back there.
  • Laralan searched around for specific divine spell scrolls in the gnomish sector. While the gnomes wished to help him, they did not have everything he needed. They directed him to go to a temple of Moradin or to the A Manarndwar, the city’s Mage Guild.



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