Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

Days 5-9

A general summary of the day’s past events:

Day 5
- Met Fuller, a Mystic Theurge who joined the United Nations.
- Retrieved the Stonehammer Heirlooms from the Ogres.

Day 6
- Preparation for Frostgrip.
- Gave Heirlooms to Stonehammer family and had them guard the UN base in Fengar.

Day 7
- Siege of Frostgrip. Killed all Frost Giants on the fort’s exterior, save two that ran into the Armory.

Day 8
- Followed frost giants down a trapdoor. Encountered Ursef, a cleric of Nerull who wanted to overthrow the Jarl.
- After killing one of Ursef’s allies, bargained with him and 2 Frost Giants to overthrow the Jarl and his sorcerer.
- Slept on second basement floor, regained HP and spells.

Day 9
- Fought Jarl and Jalgur (the Sorcerer), killed them, and retrieved the Phoenix Helm. Convinced/threatened Ursef to let the party have the helm in exchange for their lives. The clan will no longer interfere with the party’s efforts.

(NOTE: Day9 is not finished).



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