Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

Sothe - Solo Campaign - Session II

Sothe spent the rest of his evening in Camillo within the walls of the Assassin’s Guild, where he spoke with Vasil Rockarm, one of the Guild’s resident fighters, to upgrade his punching daggers (+1). After this, Savvy entered the room, telling Sothe to gather all of his possessions and be ready to leave as soon as possible. The two went to Antnar’s chambers in the Guild, where Antnar disclosed that he wanted Savvy and Sothe to relocate to Norbond, a Northern port city that is under the control of the Justice Blade, a group of Paladins that hails from Azure City to the East. This relocation was necessary because this would place Savvy out of the reach of the Farun Slayers and other necromancers and evil clerics that, according to Antnar, were recruited for the purpose of killing her.

Savvy teleported herself and Sothe to the Norbond branch of the Guild, which is located under a shop known as Marie’s Flowers. Sothe spent the night there, and Savvy assumed control of the branch as the highest-ranking member present. In the morning, Sothe and Savvy heard a mission request from Clint Norvald, a werebear from the village of Khalil in the Forsaken Woodlands. Clint informed the assassins of the tyranny of Orlando Chase, the strongest warrior and leader of the village of Serrem. Serrem is inhabited by werewolves and wererats, and their primary focus is the extermination of Khalil’s residents. Clint came to the assassins as a last resort – no other means of slaying Chase have worked. Chase has killed many of Khalil’s citizens – including near-defenseless children. His regime is truly worse than any other, and with him in power, Khalil stands no chance. Clint informed Sothe that Chase fights with a Spiked Chain, and that Chase is very intelligent and paranoid; his insight into combat, consequently, is unmatched within Serrem. Sothe accepted Clint’s mission, and Clint threatened to kill Sothe if Sothe ever disclosed their conversation, or if he failed and ran.

After Savvy briefed Sothe on the layout of Serrem, Sothe headed out to the Forsaken Woodlands on horseback at 8am. Four hours later, he arrived at noon. He guided his horse into the shade of the trees, where he was attacked by two undead, incorporeal Shadows. His horse ran off in fear, but Sothe was not intimidated. By channeling the power of his deity, Olidammara, into his sneak attacks, he crippled the shadows and moved on (after taking 2 STR damage). Using his ring of invisibility, he snuck into Serrem undetected. He disabled an Alarm-spell trap on the Stable gate to Chase’s manor, and after taking 1 CON damage from a poisoned dart, he bypassed the traps on the gate. He moved into the stable, unseen, but was instantly struck by an arrow that triggered upon opening the stable door. Sothe disabled this trap, and then proceeded to rig and sabotage the horses’ gates to fall apart when used. (He plans to cause a stampede when he escapes). Two guards heard Sothe’s tinkering and came on, only to be quietly slain by the invisible Sothe. Sothe proceeded to the manor’s kitchen, where he eavesdropped on a casual conversation between three off-duty guards. When one guard was called up to Chase’s office, Sothe followed them, learning that “Ashvale” was the code word which could disable most traps in the house.

When upstairs, Sothe saw that one guard went up another set of stairs to Chase’s office, while the other guard (equipped with a longsword) remained to guard the stairwell. In the same hallway, Sothe picked the lock to what appeared to be Chase’s master bedroom. Here, he found Chase’s mistress and used his invisibility to intimidate her. He promised to not kill her if she cooperated. She agreed, and she divulged the entire layout of Chase’s manor to him. She told him that Chase was in his upstairs office, but that stairwell had another password that she did not know. She said that “he couldn’t possibly love anything more than Ashvale, except for, well…maybe me.” When Sothe asked her name, she replied “Lidda.” Sothe then proceeded to tie her up by using strips of bed cloth that he cut, and he promised to release her after he was successful in killing Chase. He left off planning to kill the guard outside of the stairwell.

Sothe - Solo Campaign - Session 1

The year – 1012. The Farun Civil War is ongoing, and the Kingdom of Farun is gripped in the conflict.

Sothe’s story begins in the city of Camillo, where he is a teenaged Human Rouge who works for the local Assassin’s Guild, led by Antnar Xunaste. The Guild is located underneath a trapsmith’s shop, which is owned and operated by Augustus Osgood, the local renowned trapsmith and inventor. He works with Sabnolu, a Drow Wizard who is second in command in the Guild. “Savvy,” as many call her for her brains, was almost a parent to young Sothe.

Sothe’s first mission was to venture into the Mardak Desert, discern the location of a local bandit camp, and slay the vicious leader of the bandits, Abarzim Ishet. After an encounter with two Janni, who were guarding a deposit of precious stones that Sothe looted. After this encounter, Sothe luckily stumbled upon a wayward shrine to Olidammara (his deity) and slept under the safe guard of a powerful Cleric (presumed to be a Contemplative) for the night.

In the morning, he headed to Ishet’s camp (a desert cave). Using his Ring of Invisibility, he easily dispatched the front guards, bypassed some traps, and made his way to fight Ishet. While he killed Ishet, Ishet’s guard, a vicious Orc Barbarian by the name of Vrurag Handscarer, escaped through a secret passageway into the desert. A sandstorm brewed, so Handscarer is presumed to be dead. Sothe looted Ishet’s base, kept Ishet’s head, and spent the night in the cave.

Upon his return to Camillo, Sothe was instructed by a local guard to empty his bag of all possessions. He displayed Ishet’s head to the guard, then turned invisible. Although initially taken aback, the guard rejoiced at the death of Ishet, who plagued the city for a while with his raids.

While taking the alleyway back to the Guild HQ, Sothe encountered two armored soldiers of Farun heading towards the same destination. He engaged them, and was immediately assisted by Savvy and Xunaste from the shadows. Savvy informed Sothe that these two men were Slayers of Farun, warriors trained by Farun’s military to specifically hunt down and kill illegal spellcasters. They were going after Savvy for “unlicensed practice of Arcane magic.” Only Farun’s agents or soldiers are allowed to use magic. “Oops,” Savvy remarked.

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