Roto: “Do you have any more questions?”
Aphnorelthon: “Yes, I have two. First – if you were Aphnorelthon the Bard, what would you ask Roto Dragonsbane?”
- Aphnorelthon the Bard, questioning Roto Dragonsbane in The Outlands.

Aphnorelthon is the party’s current Elven Bard. Aside from the pleasures of his music (he plays a piccolo) he provides his allies with numerous buff spells. He really shines as a leader, taking an active role in his campaign against King Valerian of Farun and his plot to destroy all arcane magic. On the battlefield, Aphnorelthon is also an effective leader, rallying his followers to charge at large foes and bring them down effectively and with minimal losses.

In 1012, Aphnorelthon created the United Nations, an organization dedicated to world peace and the integration of the races across Gamon. Since the organization’s start, Aphnorelthon has managed to recruit the Dwarven Kingdom, the Empire of Azuria, and the Magocracy into its ranks (the latter two with the aid of his friend Alex).

King Axearm: “What are ye calling this…organization?”
Aphnorelthon: “The United Nations.”
- Aphnorelthon, proposing the U.N. to King Axearm in Fengar

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Aphnorelthon
  • Aliases: Athnorelthon (a misspelling), Bardy, “the Bard”
  • Last known Class Level: Bard 16
  • Alignment: Unaligned
  • Deity: None.
  • Political Offices: Leader of the United Nations
  • Affiliations: Friend of the Veiled Alliance
  • Stats: Not currently available

Aphnorelthon was originally a bard who performed for King Valerian Sarilob and the members of his Royal Court in Galantoris. Aphnorelthon did not know his name at this point in time. He was abandoned as a child, and, for a while, was an outsider in Galantoris. Taken in by strangers, he learned how to play the piccolo and eventually learned to play well enough to attract the attention of the nobles, who took him in.

He made many friends among the palace workers, as his music provided a source of happiness and light in the grim times that surrounded the Farun Civil War . He did not know Valerian, Julianne, or any of the Royals incredibly well, but they tolerated him because every court needed a bard, and they did not mind having a low-level minion around to play music for them. They also found it intriguing that an elf wound up abandoned in the streets of a predominantly human nation.

All of this changed, however, upon Valerian’s realization that “the Bard” could actually cast arcane spells. Not wanting to waste his energy on a minion, he ordered his subordinates to kill the Bard. Aphnorelthon was chased onto the castle walls by a group of soldiers. To escape, Aphnorelthon tumbled off the wall and fell into the river, nearly dying in the process. The soldiers presumed that he was dead, and reported back to Valerian. Aphnorelthon clung to some floating debris and floated down the Mardak River, where he was eventually picked up by the rest of the party in Argus’s ship.

From there, Aphnorelthon’s story began, starting with this adventure blog post.

A note on Aphnorelthon’s name:
Upon meeting with other elves in the Veiled Alliance, Aphnorelthon learned that any elf has the freedom to choose his or her own name. Aphnorelthon, who went by “Bardy” at the time, changed his name to Aphnorelthon.

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