Ar’ginth is the first city of the Kingdom of Farun that travelers exiting the perilous Mountain Pass will encounter. An ancient city with much history, Ar’ginth is a sight for the eyes, but also a magnet for political turmoil.

Basic Information:

  • Town Name: Ar’ginth
  • Size: Large City
  • Government: Part of Kingdom of Farun (1010)
    Capital of the Veiled Alliance (1011-1012)
  • Power Centers: Aramil Torlin of the Veiled Alliance (Lawful Neutral)
    The Holy Order of Paladins and Cavaliers (Lawful Good)

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Recent Events:

In 1010, the Dragonsbane Brothers and Cyrus O’mally entered the city and, through the assassination of Baron Alder Prevalas, initiated the Farun Civil War. Since the Baron’s death, Veiled Alliance commanders Nathaniel Greystorm and Xel’yn Zeron seized control of the city until Aramil Torlin was appointed as the General of the Veiled Alliance and military governor of Ar’ginth.

Ar’ginth now serves as a staging point and a foothold for the Veiled Alliance in Farun. Since the Veiled Alliance takeover, Ar’ginth is slowly starting to gain prosperity as a new hub for arcane magic: two libraries have emerged within the walls of the city, in addition to a wizard’s training center for those with the intellectual aptitude. The Paladins keep order over the city’s guards and Veiled Alliance soldiers who patrol the streets, and their rule is strict but generally just.

Simplified Map:
Ar ginth map
1 – Veiled Alliance Headquarters
2 – City Square
3 – Ar’ginth Market
4 – Academy for the Gifted
5 – Library of Ar’ginth
6 – Greystorm Records
7 – The Fool’s Crown Inn
8 – The Abandoned Chapel
9 – The South Gate
10 – The North Gate

The slums of Ar’ginth underwent a renovation project in 1011, in an effort to boost Veiled Alliance GDP, get people working, and rally morale and support to the Veiled Alliance cause. During this process, much of the city was “purified,” as miscellaneous chapels to Hextor were removed and prostitution and drug trafficking made illegal offenses. Underground activity still continues, but it is (allegedly) nowhere near the levels it was prior to the Veiled Alliance takeover.

Ar’ginth has a variety of resources at its disposal. The city boasts a bustling port to the north that lies on the banks of the Dewton River. The city is home to a group of local farmers (who farm the fields to the east) and hunters (who hunt prey in the desert), in addition to a variety of people who make a living performing tasks (such as mining) around the Mountain Pass.


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