“I hate all of you. Just wanted to let you know.” – Azura

Now known as the Deity of Revolution, Azura is a powerful Elven Ranger who defended the Elven Lands for many years. She and her mother, a druid named Lirian, were cursed by the deity Vecna for an unknown reason. The curse has forced Lirian and all of her children to have blue skin. Azura is most well-known for helping defeat Vecna in 1011 and ascending to godhood.

  • Name: Azura
  • Last known Class Level: Ranger 21/Druid 5
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Deity: None.
  • Divine Rank: 0
  • Domains: Animal, Chaos, Healing, and Plant
  • Political Offices:None.
  • Stats: Updating

Azura spent the majority of her life protecting the village of Seolas in The Elven Lands. Her mother disappeared from her life at a young age, so Azura walked the path of the Ranger instead of the Druid. She knew little of her father, but it was known that he was a great Ranger who died fighting a beast in the forest. It was later discovered that her mother, along with the father of Jordyn Cacoilo, were being tortured and help captive by Vecna for years for trying to kill him.

Despite the good deeds that Azura did for the people of Seolas, she was always regarded as a freak by the commoners because of her blue skin. This caused Azura to stray from good alignments, as she simply sought her own happiness and safety in the future. If it were not for her kind Ranger mentor, she would have abandoned the village the moment she no longer needed to be an apprentice Ranger.

Adventures with General Aramil, Cyrus O’mally, and Jordyn Cacoilo:
When Cyrus and Jordyn were looking to expand Jordyn’s Holy Order, they came across a gate that would allegedly take them to “past allies of the Order,” from back when Jordyn’s father controlled it. The pair stepped into the gate, and wound up in a deep forest in the Elven Lands. They encountered Azura, who regarded them with suspicion. Spontaneously, the party was attacked by the Tarrasque, which Azura was tracking at the time to make sure it stayed away from Seolas. Utilizing Cyrus’ Flee the Scene ability, the party managed to evade the creature. They baited it to a coastal cliff, and they jumped off. The Tarrasque followed them, but then Cyrus quickly teleported the group back up the cliff with a successful Concentration check. The Tarrasque was nowhere near killed, but it certainly stayed away from Seolas for some time.

The village elders of Seolas informed Azura that her mother, Lirian, was a member of the Holy Order when it formed in the past. Reluctantly, Azura said goodbye to her past Master and stepped through the portal to aid Jordyn and Cyrus. Azura first met Aramil when the party was seeking to destroy a Demonic Gate to the Abyss in an underground bunker near Camillo. Aramil informed them that King Sarilob of Farun was inside the same bunker, which Jordyn realized was a past Holy Order base that was tainted by dark magic. The party killed the King.

Later, the party (after killing the corrupt Cecil Grey, a Cleric of Vecna) found a portal to Vecna’s lair. Seeking revenge, Azura went through the portal. The party killed Vecna, and Azura became a minor deity, along with Cyrus O’mally.

Current Whereabouts:
As the Deity of Revolution, Azura seeks to aid those who fight for their individual freedoms and beliefs. She has been sighted in Farun occasionally, but she mainly watches over Azuria and the Elven Lands.

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