Camillo is one of the largest cities in Farun. It sits on the banks of the Dewton River, and it is on the border of the Mardak Desert.

Basic Information

  • Town Name: Camillo
  • Size: Large City
  • Government: Part of Farun
  • Power Centers:
    • Constable Robert Zale (Lawful Evil)
    • Antnar Xunaste (Chaotic Neutral – Head of Assassin’s Guild)

Since the death of Duke Orville Roderick II, King Faragrin Sarilob has appointed Robert Zale, the Duke’s loyal Constable, as temporary military governor of the city.

Antnar Xunaste, an infamous Drow, on the other hand, still maintains his apathy towards the current regime and uses the Farun Civil War as an opportunity to make profit for his guild by taking out key targets for both sides in the conflict. The Assassin’s Guild has not declared any allegiance in the conflict. See Xunaste’s stats here.

Camillo map

Due to its location, Camillo is rich in fishing and transporting, but it is primarily a garrison city, placed for the defense of the people. Therefore, trade is never the biggest concern. The plains are to the north, so much hunting is done, and many citizens dabble in farming on the northern side for income.


  • 78% Human
  • 10% Elven (Half are immigrants from the Magocracy)
  • 5% Half-Elf (Humans mingling with the immigrants are often frowned upon)
  • 3% Gnome (Half are immigrants from the Magocracy)
  • 3% Dwarven
  • 1% Other Races

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