Cyrus O'mally

“Still alive? Well then – eldritch blast!”
-Cyrus O’mally

Cyrus O’mally, who also went by Constantine O’mally for some time, is a Warlock who has turned against his evil Warlock Clan and, ultimately, his evil Demonic overlords. While helping the Dragonsbane Brothers on their quest to slay Seranos, he ultimately defeated the evil inside himself and found his soul mate, Jordyn Cacoilo.

Cyrus is now the Deity of Free Will, and he seeks to keep the Material Plane safe from hostile extraplanar intervention along with Azura, the Deity of Revolution. However, both are very weak deities, at best.

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Cyrus O’mally
  • Last known Class Level: Warlock 20/Invisible Blade 5
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Previously Chaotic Good)
  • Deity: None.
  • Divine Rank: 0
  • Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Magic, and Luck
  • Political Offices: Arbiter of the Magocracy (1010-???)
  • Stats: See Here. (Outdated)

Cyrus O’mally never really knew his parents, as they were killed in action at a young age; this was presumably a result of the Blood War between the Demons and the Devils. Cyrus had his older brother, Frederic O’mally, as a quasi-father figure. Frederic was always a more powerful warlock, and he often led young Cyrus on missions. Cyrus trained with the O’mally clan, performing the agenda of the Demons that came through the Abyssal Gate located at Shadowbane’s End. Cyrus found out that his personal Demonic contractor, who “blessed” (or cursed) the ancestors of the O’mally clan with the powers of a Warlock, was a Balor (practically the most powerful breed of Demon). The Balor made a contract with the first O’mally family: he would make them Warlocks, so they could defend themselves from the War of the Cities in the Second Age, as long as they and their ancestors performed the bidding of the Demons. This ancient pact fell to Cyrus, as he was compelled by these Demons to go with Frederic to the town of Garilla in the Kingdom of Farun and kill Lord Varr, a generally benevolent and noble ruler.

When the pair killed Lord Varr and were faced with the choice of continuing with the slaughter of Varr’s wife and children, Cyrus drew the line and abandoned the foul plan. After this epiphany, he realized that he no longer wished to take orders from the O’mally Clan and the wicked Demons (hence, the transformation to Chaotic Neutral). Cyrus ran south towards the hills, to go around the Mountain Pass. He was captured by a tribe of local Hobgoblins in the night. He convinced them to not kill him because he was a “wizard” and his “allies” in the Magocracy (of which, there were none) would pay heavily for his safe return. The tribe fought off local gnomish mages from Ranburildad at Shandex Outpost, and Cyrus escaped in the commotion of battle. While he fled to the forests south of the Outpost, he encountered Aradon and Roto Dragonsbane. When they realized that he had “unlimited” magical abilities, they enlisted him as an ally in their quest to take back the fort for Ranburildad.

Adventures with the Dragonsbane Party:
Cyrus became a useful ally of the Dragonsbane brothers, as his eldritch powers were always effective and potent; he never “ran out” of power, so to speak. Additionally, Cyrus was an excellent liar. Using well-placed bluffs, he could get the party much better deals when selling magic items. However, his presence often drew agents from Farun to slay him, as he was massively wanted for the murder of Lord Varr. This eventually became a problem and forced Cyrus to explain the full extent of his situation to the Dragonsbane brothers once they trusted each other.

Cyrus performed admirably in the Dweomerlist at Periama. He advanced further than Roto did, facing Tenora Neonil in the finals, but he did not fully buy into her “political schemes,” so she favored Roto over him by granting Roto the position of Executor and Cyrus the position of Arbiter. Nonetheless, Cyrus was confident in his dueling abilities, and even fought Roto Dragonsbane in two duels, which he lost.

Moreover, Cyrus is known for his relationship with Jordyn Cacoilo and their impact on the Kingdom of Farun. The Dragonsbane party headed to Farun for two reasons:

  1. To slay the Balor that still influenced Cyrus. ( Cheranel wisely informed the party that Evil could not truly slay Evil – Cyrus was vulnerable to influence by Seranos).
  2. To become allies with the Veiled Alliance.

While in Farun, Cyrus re-encountered Frederic and his overlord Balor, both of whom dominated him and changed his alignment back to Chaotic Evil for some time. With persuasion from Jordyn, Cyrus made a serious commitment to overcoming the evil inside of him by killing th corrupt Baron Prevalas of Ar’ginth and bringing justice to the land of Farun. Over the process of Aradon’s ruse, where the party pretended to befriend Prevalas, Cyrus made a true change as he witnessed the atrocities of Prevalas’s regime and the willingness of so many people to overthrow him. In the throne room of the Baron, Cyrus fought Frederic, who was revealed to be the corrupt adviser to Prevalas. When Cyrus overcame his brother, he knew that he could overcome the evil that suppressed him for so long. Jordyn had planned to cast atonement on Cyrus to revert his alignment back to normal, but when the time came she did not need to. Cyrus became Chaotic Neutral again, all on his own. Jordyn and Cyrus, from that point on, forged an unbreakable relationship, as they both knew that they needed each other; Jordyn needed Cyrus for his determined revolution in Farun, and Cyrus needed Jordyn to find the strength to overcome his demons.

After Prevalas died and the Battle of the Mardak (see The Farun Civil War) passed, the party returned to the Magocracy. There, Cheranel sensed that Cyrus was ready to overcome his inner demons. Cheranel sent Cyrus and allies to the Abyss, where they fought the Balor that influenced him. After several Will saves and an intense battle, Cyrus defeated his inner demon and was free to become Chaotic Good.

Adventures with the Holy Order
After the slaying of Seranos, Jordyn and Cyrus disappeared together. Over the summer of 1010 and the start of 1011, the pair sought to re-found the Holy Order that Jordyn’s father created. Essentially, the pair, with help from General Aramil of the Veiled Alliance and the ranger Azura of The Elven Lands, shut down a major Demonic gate in Farun. Additionally, they killed King Faragrin Sarilob and struck a major blow for the Veiled Alliance. Subsequently, the party of four found the location of the deity Vecna and, after killing a corrupt Cardinal in the Theocracy of Jericho who worshiped Vecna, entered a portal to Vecna’s lair. Vecna held the souls of the parents of Azura and Jordyn (presumably as bait, so Vecna could kill the party unseen), which motivated the party to slay him. Aramil was motivated primarily by the fact that Vecna controlled a large force of undead that often attacked the Castle of Solace and the Elven Lands; he spent much time in both places and considered them his home. After Vecna’s fall, Cyrus and Azura ascended to godhood and are now low-leveled deities. Unfortunately, the exact method of becoming a deity is unknown, as neither Jordyn nor Aramil are deities.

Current Whereabouts:
After becoming a Deity, Cyrus and Azura parted ways, tending to different areas of the Material Plane. It is guessed by theologians that Cyrus is somewhere on the continent of Drua, making sure that the free will of individuals is protected. He is developing a very small following among members of Jordyn’s Holy Order.

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Cyrus O'mally

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