Fengar is the capitol city of the Dwarven Kingdom, and it lies near the center of the Ba’lik Pass. It is the home of the Barlock clan, or the mountain dwarves. Though it used to be a city exclusive to these dwarves, the need for consolidation of power in the Dwarven Kingdom lead to expansions of the city to hold dwarves of all clans within its walls.

Basic Information

  • Town Name: Fengar
  • Size: Metropolis
  • Government: Part of Dwarven Kingdom
  • Power Centers:
    • Dalin Axearm (Dwarven King)
    • The Dwarven Council
    • Nafur Stonehammer (leader of The Soul Forgers)
    • Logan Goldsnapper (head of The Bank of Ba’ren)
    • Kegnar Ironcrusher (leader of Dwarmal)
    • Lasil Ringrender (leader of A Manarndwar)


Map Key:
FS = For Sale
B = Barracks

The city is organized into five sectors: four sectors are devoted to the clans, and the center sector is the realm of the current King and the Dwarven Council. There is an unofficial “sixth sector,” and it is the Gnur-Drukar, or the home of many of the gnomes that dwell within the walls of Fengar.

The Center:
1. A Dornar Drukar (The King’s Hall, literally “King’s Home”)
2. The Council Chambers

Barlock Beldwarkar: (Upper Barlock clan)
3. A Hermotmar (The entrance, literally “through mountain”)
4. Dwarkar Axearm (Clan Axearm)
5. Goldsnapper Manor
6. Upper Marketplace
7. Dwarkar Shattershield (Clan Shattershield)
8. The Gray Sword (Inn)
9. Church of Moradin

Daragrin Dwarkar: (Daragrin clan)
10. Fengar Prison
11. A Dwarmal (the True Dwarves)
12. Dwarkar Ironcrusher (Clan Ironcrusher)
13. The Stalwart Castle (Inn)
14. Specialty Weapon Shops
15. Chapel (Moradin)

Barlock Keldwarkar: (Lower Barlock Clan)
16. Central Marketplace
17. Grendel’s Groceries
18. Wirn’s Wands
19. Grace’s Gifts
20. Seredil’s Scrolls
21. Revered Realtors
22. Bits & Pieces
23. Axearm Axes
24. Ba’ren Ardrukar (Bank of Baren, literally “Home of Gold”)
25. A Manarndwar (Mage’s Guild, literally “Magic Dwarves”)
26. Chapel (Wee Jas)
27. The Adventuring Dwarf (Inn)

Gnur-Drukar: (Gnomish Sector, literally “Home of Gnomes”)
28. Armory
29. Gnomish Town Square
30. Ingenious Illusions
31. Creative Contraptions
32. Perfect Potions
33. Deadly Daggers
34. Spectacular Staves
35. The Emerald Ranger (Inn)
36. Chapel (Garl Glittergold)
37. Gnomish Embassy
38. The Dwarven Daily (newspaper)

Rinthar Dwarkar: (Clan Rinthar)
39. The Pyre (Funeral Home)
40. Graveyard (tombs, graves, etc)
41. Dwarkar Stonehammer (Clan Stomehammer)
42. Church (Moradin)
43. Hall of the Soul-Forgers
44. A Mordtelormar (The Underforge)
45. Mine Entrance

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