General Aramil

Time Reversal! It worked! That’s so cool!
- Aramil

Aramil Torlin, otherwise known as General Aramil or Aramil Mageblood by his colleagues, is a powerful wizard who currently leads the Veiled Alliance. He has fought in numerous campaigns against the Kingdom of Farun in The Farun Civil War. He is also known for being part of the party that killed Vecna.

*Name: Aramil Torlin
*Last known Class Level: Wizard 18/Archmage 3
*Race: Grey Elf
*Alignment: Lawful Neutral
*Deity: Corellan
*Political Offices: General of the Veiled Alliance (1011-???)
*Stats: Updating.

Aramil grew up as a humble, yet incredibly intelligent Grey Elf in The Elven Lands. A noble was impressed with Aramil’s progress in elven schools, and he decided to fund Aramil’s education, on the condition that Aramil study arcane lore. Aramil eagerly accepted the offer, and would grow to become one of the most powerful wizards in all of Gamon.

Aramil was apprenticed to Sedriel Neolas, a powerful Mystic Theurge who was visiting his homelands at the time. Since Sedriel was the Head Mage of the Castle of Solace, Aramil did much of his research there. Together, Aramil and Sedriel also fought off large legions of undead that threatened both the Castle and the Elven Lands. These hordes of undead were later discovered to be puppets of the deity Vecna.

Adventures with the Veiled Alliance:
When Xel’yn Zeron of the Veiled Alliance in Farun came to the distant Castle of Solace seeking help for the Alliance in The Farun Civil War, Aramil wanted to immediately go with him. However, he was reluctant to leave his master’s side. Sedriel insisted that Aramil was more than ready to take on his own quests, and Sedriel informed Aramil that Aramil no longer needed to be his apprentice – he was ready to be a powerful wizard on his own. Aramil went with Zeron to Farun and recruited many mages for the Alliance on the eastern front of Farun. When the The Dragonsbane Brothers killed the corrupt Baron Prevalas of Ar’ginth, Aramil rallied his forces in the East to Ar’ginth and worked with Nathaniel Greystorm, who headed the Veiled Alliance in the West, and formed a solid base of operations for the war. Due to ingenious tactics, Aramil was able to hold off numerous attacks from battalions of King Sarilob’s forces and protect the new Alliance base. He also killed many O’mally clan insurgents, and there was even an event on record where Aramil, alone, killed a legion of 100 Farun troops that included 10 Slayers, which are elite units dedicated to kill mages.

Adventures with Cyrus O’mally, Azura, and Jordyn Cacoilo:
When Aramil learned that King Sarilob was hiding in an undergrond bunker not far from Camillo, he utilized the Wish spell to teleport to the King’s location. In doing so, he encountered O’mally, Azura, and Jordyn, who were in the underground bunker to destroy an Abyssal gate (demons) on behalf of Jordyn’s Holy Order. Aramil joined forces with the others, and together they destroyed the gate and killed the corrupt King. Jordyn informed Aramil that this “bunker” used to be a Holy Order base. Aramil discovered records in the old base about the location of Jordyn’s father and Azura’s mother, but the vital information was stolen by a Cleric of Vecna named Cecil Grey, who was posing as a Cleric of Jericho (who was a cardinal) in the Theocracy of Jericho. The party went to the theocracy, defeated Cecil, and discovered a portal to the lair of Vecna. They found out that:

*Vecna was holding the souls of Jordyn’s father and Azura’s mother.
*Vecna’s base was located in the Dead Hills, which houses the undead force that threatens the Castle of Solace and the Elven Lands. Vecna headed these undead forces.
*Vecna was responsible for the curse laid upon Azura’s family. (See this page for more details).

The party marched through the portal and met Vecna in combat. The details of the battle are sketchy, but it is known that Aramil used a new Epic-level spell, Time Reversal, to cause Vecna’s demise. After the fight, Azura and Cyrus O’mally became deities. When questioned on how this happened, Aramil simply stated that “it is what must have happened for balance to return to Gamon.”

Current Whereabouts:
General Aramil is now the current leader of the Veiled Alliance. He spends the majority of his time developing plans and strategies to cause the demise of Farun’s “corrupt empire.” He does, however, spend some of his time researching new magic at the Castle of Solace alongside Master Sedriel.

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General Aramil

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