Holy Order

The Holy Order of the Last Gates, often shortened to the Holy Order, was an organization founded by Reverend Andrew Cacoilo, a Cleric of Heironeous who was the father of Jordyn Cacoilo. The organization consisted of Good-aligned Clerics, Paladins, Rangers, and Druids from across the lands who shared commons goals:

  • The protection of all known Gates to Good-Aligned Outer Planes (Heaven, Olympus, Valhalla)
  • The destruction of all known Gates to Evil-Aligned Outer Planes (Hell, Hades, Abyss)
  • The destruction of all hostile Undead

The organization began circa 920 with Reverend Andrew. Andrew, with the aid of several powerful individuals (such as the Druid Lirian, mother of Azura) formed a few Holy Order bases across all of Gamon. The early generation of the Order was successful at protecting their respective gates, sealed a few miscellaneous gates to Hades, and primarily focused on destroying a horde of Undead that threatened the Elven Lands. When Andrew and Lirian discovered that the deity Vecna was the source of the undead menace, the pair sought to kill the deity and end the strife. When the pair failed, Vecna bound their souls to his lair so that they could not disclose his lair’s location from the afterlife.

From that point onward, Vecna had his Clerics seek to systematically destroy the Order. Over 90% of order members were killed through various means (assassination, magical disease, etc) until the Order was forced to dissolve for the protection of its members. The destruction of the Order also caused the sealing of many Good-aligned gates, while many Abyssal Gates were still left open in Farun.

The Order was not rebuilt until 1011, when Jordyn Cacoilo was determined to find her father Andrew and rebuild the order. She recruited some Dwarven clerics of Moradin from Thenaun,and some priests of Boccob from The Magocracy. After the death of Vecna, Jordyn was rumored to have traveled the Magocracy, Farun, and the Theocracy of Jericho to look for new recruits alongside Reverend Andrew.

Jordyn Cacoilo is the current leader of the Holy Order. The Holy Order is known to be allies with the Veiled Alliance that fights the Farun Civil War.

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