The Magocracy is a government in the world of Gamon that is ruled by the most powerful arcane mages currently in existence. For specific information on the founding of the Magocracy, see this article.

The Magocracy spans from the Western Sea to Ranburildad, in the East, in Sylvana Forest. It also extends from the Mardak Desert in the North to Tarth Ad’reil in the South in the Dravan Wastes.

Tarth Ad’reil
Tarth Moorda

Points of Interest:
Dravan Wastes
Mardak Desert
Mountain Pass
Sylvana Forest

The Magocracy is ruled by an Elder Mage. The Elder Mage is chosen in a Dweomerlist, or a tournament that consists of regulated magical duels, that is held every seven years. The winner of the tournament is declared the most powerful Arcane Mage and is declared the Elder Mage. The Elder Mage exercises all executive authority; he can make Acts, but not permanent ones, as he is just meant to be the ultimate source of law enforcement and foreign policy decisions. The Elder Mage presides over the Elder Council of Mages, who consist of the five runner-ups in the Dweomerlist. The Elder Council advises the Elder Mage and also can create permanent, binding laws within the Magocracy.

Under the Elder Council is the office of Spellguard, which is an executive position that is charged with the defense of the Magocracy. The Spellguard is the immediate authority in defensive matters; the Elder Mage is the ultimate authority. The Spellguard may appoint Executors, to carry out executive decisions that the Spellguard delegates. The Spellguard may also appoint Arbiters, who resolve disputes as directed by the executive branch between two parties. Finally, there are a few non-mage positions, such as Captain of the Guard, that the Spellguard can appoint for purposes of static defenses.

Aside from this, other contestants in the Dweomerlist are often elected as Governors (city-wide jurisdiction) based on their performance and popularity. Governors are free to appoint their own city officials.

Current Leaders:
Elder Mage: Nathaniel Greene
Elder Council: Tenora Neonil, Veron Jade, Godric Xavier, Lawrence Chambers, Beatrice Lawson
Spellguard: Roto Dragonsbane
Executors: Dredana Mellias, Rodney McGraw
Arbiters: Cyrus O’mally, Gandriel Drinu
Captain of the Guard: Aradon Dragonsbane

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