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Welcome to the Gamon Wiki! This page contains all current archived information on important people and places in Gamon!

History of Gamon:

The First Age
The Second Age
The Third Age
The Fourth Age
The Dark Age
Voron, A History

Legends, Myths, and Deities:

The Dragonsbane Prophecy
Cryus O’mally

Major Events and Organizations throughout History:
The Farun Civil War
The Holy Order of the Last Gates

Old Heroes:
The Dragonsbane Brothers
Jordyn Cacoilo
General Aramil

Current Major Powers (as of the Dark Age):
The Kingdom of Farun
Northern Confederacy
The Holy Covenant

Locales (Past and Present):
The Magocracy
The Theocracy of Jericho
Thaczil Darastrixi
The Elven Lands
The Empire of Azuria
The Castle of Solace
The Dwarven Kingdom

Main Page

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