Martyr's Rest

Martyr’s Rest is a small trading village along the Dewton River that used to be known as Fisherman’s Rest. It boomed during the Third and Fourth ages, when fishing boats were new ,upcoming, and in high demand. Fishing vessels sailed up and down the Dewton, and Fisherman’s Rest provided an ideal centralized location for the fish market, in addition to providing a place for fisherman to dock and sleep in while traversing the Dewton River (hence, how the village obtained its original name).

In the late Fourth Age, fishing became more localized as boats improved in structure and as large net-catching became more frequently used. The village then became more isolated, as people did not visit it often. It soon disappeared from most maps, and it was only known as a sort of nostalgic location.

Following the assassination of Princess Deralus around 934, another struggle for the throne of Farun seemed to be brewing. Stephen Sarilob claimed the throne, but Duke and Duchess Witt of Ar’ginth contested. When the threat of war loomed, Sarilob convinced the other nobles that large-scale war must be avoided at all costs, as another civil war would destroy Farun. They agreed, and through means of force, the Duke and Duchess were driven into exile, along with a few soldiers who were loyal to them.

The Duke and Duchess fled to Fisherman’s Rest, as not many people knew about it. After a moderate amount of time in hiding, Sarilob’s men found them. As the new King, Sarilob’s first act was to order the death of everyone in the village, as they had all “conspired against the Throne” by not revealing the presence of the Duke and Duchess. The nobles, soldiers, and citizens of Fisherman’s Rest then became martyrs for political dissidents in Farun – hence, this is how the area acquired the name Martyr’s Rest.

In recent times, it has been noted that a large amount of Undead have been sighted near Martyr’s Rest – particularly ghosts of the men who were unjustly slain by the order of the first King Sarilob. Other undead sightings, as all undead sightings, are attributed to Warlocks and Necromancers in the area.

A particular figure, often called a Necromancer (but in fact an evil cleric) by the name of Victor DeMort was blamed for the rise of many undead in the abandoned village, in addition to claims that he had created another series of stones that could activate a Gate to an evil plane. DeMort, of course, was never apprehended by the authorities, and could very well still be alive today.

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Martyr's Rest

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