“You’re pretty foolish to get within five feet of me, Arden.”
- Morak, while fighting Arden near Frostgrip

Morak is the party’s current Rogue. Starting in 1012, he worked with the Veiled Alliance to uncover King Valerian’s plot to destroy the Spellfountain (and thus, all arcane magic) and thus has continued to work with the Veiled Alliance (for a good pay, of course). Morak is also a skilled Assassin and a proud member of the Assassin’s Guild in Norbond. His first assassination target was Duke Eric Blair of Belyn – and the assassination, as any resident of Farun would tell you, was a success.

A master of feinting, Morak consistently hits enemies in vulnerable, unexpected areas, dealing massive amounts of damage on melee combat and proving to be deadly in close-quarters combat.

Among other accomplishments, Morak has climbed to the #1 spot on Farun’s Most Wanted list. He has been charged with espionage, treason, the assisted murder of Lord Magrath of Khuldas, the murder of Duke Blair, unauthorized use of arcane magic, and virtually every misdemeanor in Farun’s code of laws. After the bounty on Morak’s head shot past 100,000 gold, King Valerian proposed that the first man to kill Morak (and prove that they did so) would become a member of the Royal Family and rule over Ar’ginth after the war’s conclusion.

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Morak
  • Last known Class Level: Rogue 8/Invisible Blade 5/Assassin 1
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Deity: None.
  • Political Offices: None
  • Affiliations: Friend of the Veiled Alliance, Member of The Assassin’s Guild, Friend of
    the United Nations
  • Stats: Not currently available

Morak was born in Dunshaven. He was adventurous and ambitions from a young age, and he wanted to become rich and own lots of land in the countryside of Farun. His father, a local tanner, was also a massive gambler who lost all of his family’s fortune before dying when Morak turned 17. From that point on, Morak swore that he wouldn’t let himself suffer the same fate as his father – squandering away his fortune – and die with his hard-earned money.

Morak has an older sister, Emma, who married a local farmer named Borris. Borris was also a part of Dunshaven’s local militia. They lived peacefully in Dunshaven until the Farun Civil War broke out.

Morak left home at age 18 for Galantoris, seeking wealth. He spent a year living in the city, mainly homeless. He acquired his rogue skills at this point, relying on thievery to makes ends meet when he couldn’t find legal work. Morak eventually left the city to work as part of a merchant caravan. The members of the caravan taught Morak how to speak Orc and Elven. After six months, the caravan was attacked in the Mardak Desert on the way to Camillo, and Morak survived after a deadly knife fight with bandits.

After that event, Morak set off for the East to try his luck there. Morak then spent the next couple of years in Willowport, drifting around doing legal work (mostly unloading fish and imported goods from the east) and illegal work. While not wealthy, Morak finally had a comfortable income. His only real friend out here was the fisherman, Argus, whom he met unloading his cargo. His knife and dagger skills were not unnoticed. In fact, Morak was actually hired to kill a local gentleman’s brother so that his employer could inherit their dying father’s fortune alone. In want of money, he did so. This gentleman, Leif Gundleson, recommended Morak to the priests over in Khuldas as a bodyguard.

From there, Morak’s story began, starting with this adventure blog post.

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