The Dragonsbane Brothers

This article contains bios on the Dragonsbane Brothers, who are half-brothers who rose to power in the Magocracy in the year 1010 and slayed the Red Dragon Seranos, thus stopping a potential Second Chromatic War from starting. For details on the Chromatic War, see the Fourth Age.

The Dragonsbane brothers are actually half-brothers; they were both the sons of an unidentified powerful warrior who studied the dragons. For purposes of security, allegedly, his true name has been kept a secret. When seduced by Seranos polymorphed into human form, Seranos wound up giving birth to Aradon Dragonsbane, a half-dragon child. Only a year later, when the warrior fell in love with a female mage who has been identified by historians (in 1011) as Selena Ermalinde, a powerful wizard who had a knack for evocation spells and divinations. Together, Selena and the man gave birth to Roto Dragonsbane. Shortly after, Selena scried Seranos for research purposes, and she discovered the existence of Aradon. Leaving Roto in the care of a neighbor, the two teleported to Thaczil Darastrixi to retrieve Aradon. In a struggle, Selena managed to teleport Aradon to Roto, but in the process she left herself open to a fatal attack from Seranos. Allegedly, Selena’s husband fought to the death defending her body, in hopes of resurrecting her later on.

Little is known of the adolesence of the half-brothers, but it is known that they fled from home, into the woods, very shortly after the death of Roto’s parents. Historically, all that IS known are the events following the pair’s appearance in Ranburildad.

Roto Dragonsbane

“Time Stop. Delayed Blast Fireball. Encounter over.”
- Roto Dragonsbane

  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Deity: Boccob
  • Political Offices: Executor of the Magocracy (1010), Spellguard (1010-???)

Roto Dragonsbane was often described as “concise, yet powerful.” Not being a man of charisma, he often sought to-the-point solutions to the predicaments that faced him. However, Roto, as displayed by his tactics in the Dweomerlist, is one of the most innovative, intelligent, and merciless wizards of the century. Roto is also one of the first wizards to make use of reserve spells, thus extending his power over long, drawn-out battles.

Roto is most known for his duels with Rodney McGraw, Cyrus O’mally, and his triumph over Seranos. McGraw was the favored combatant of Periama, and as a Mystic Theurge it was assumed that his apparent mastery of two magical forms would overcome Roto’s power. Roto proved him wrong. He again thwarted theorists who claimed that O’mally’s endurance would outlast Roto’s power. In two separate duels, one outside of the Magocracy and one in a closed tournament to elect the new Spellguard, Roto was found to defeat Cyrus through utilization of more powerful evocations.

Roto’s assisted defeat of Seranos involved utilization of Time Stop, followed by several protective spells and accurately timed Delayed Blast Fireballs with various Energy Substitutions. Roto’s technique is now studied in every University in the Magocracy, including the Warmage academies of Tarth Moorda.

Aradon Dragonsbane
“Shut your mouth and raise your sword.”
- Aradon Dragonsbane

  • Race: Half-Dragon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Deity: Kord
  • Political Offices: Captain of the Guard, Magocracy (1010-???)
  • Stats: Click Here.

Perhaps the strongest mortal warrior of his time, Aradon Dragonsbane is known for his relentless hunt of his mother, Seranos, and his dramatic political impacts on both the Magocracy and Farun. Although first impressions of Aradon are often riddled with fear for most (as he was adept at intimidation), many citizens of the Magocracy and members of the Veiled Alliance viewed Aradon’s strength, courage, and fierce will as sources of hope in times of peril. Aradon’s fighting tactics were brutal; he always rushed straight into battle and, in frenzied rages, would either slash or claw his enemies to bits as they profusely bled to death. Aradon could also take a legendary amount of hits, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Despite his fierce, rugged impressions, Aradon is one of the few intelligent and charismatic barbarians in existence. Aradon studied a great deal about the lores of nature and helped Arian Jitkar of Aarnira locate the Athalas Bloom, which was used in Arian’s cure for lycanthropy. Aradon and Arian developed a mutual love for each other, despite the fact that Arian was an elf and Aradon was a half-dragon. Aradon won crowds over when, after winning a martial tournament in Periama and becoming Captain of the Guard, he proposed to her. She gladly accepted, and it is now common knowledge that the married couple have a son who is half-elven, quarter human, and quarter dragon. Perhaps researchers would examine Aradon’s son if they weren’t afraid of Aradon ripping them to pieces for approaching his son with surgical instruments.

Aradon’s charismatic approaches and skill with intimidation actually made him a very effective diplomat. He was able to form a temporary alliance between the Stone Giants of the Mountain Pass and the Veiled Alliance, in addition to creating the plan to fool Baron Prevalas of Ar’ginth by pretending to be his trusted and unflinchingly loyal soldiers. Aradon effectively convinced three Veiled Alliance leaders to surrender their lives for the “greater good” and in the hopes of being resurrected later by Jordyn Cacoilo. For obvious reasons (i.e. the death of Prevalas) his plan was successful.

Aradon Dragonsbane is the only one of the party who killed Seranos whose whereabouts are exactly known. Aradon currently resides in Aarnira with his wife and son. He is occasionally called out to assist with affairs at Tarth Ad’reil or other locations. His brother, Roto, has rarely been seen following the demise of Seranos. When questioned, Aradon gave no comment about his brother’s location other than “He’s on a mission.”

Accomplishments of the Brothers:

  • Ranburildad – Killed Vor’ough, an evil Cleric who raised many undead.
  • Shandex Outpost – Drove out local goblins and hobgoblins who were incited by local green dragons to overtake the outpost.~
  • Aarnira – Found the Athalas Bloom, a new cure for lycanthropy.~
  • Aarnira – Slayed the Juvenile Green Dragon, Lyden.~
  • Cortion – Killed Eddie Alaeus Finnick, notorious Arcane Trickster. ~
  • Periama – Competed in Dweomerlist and other tournaments~
  • Shandex Outpost – Killed Green Dragon Taveras and deflected another attack on the outpost.~
  • Dravan Wastes – Recovered a Tome of Clear Thought. Attacked by Seranos; destroyed the tome to prevent Seranos from acquiring it.
    Mountain Pass – Slayed five demons and some affiliated warlocks.~
  • Ar’ginth – Killed the corrupt Baron Prevalas by befriending him and killing him once close enough. Also made contact with the Veiled Alliance and started the The Farun Civil War.~~
  • Mardak Desert – Helped to defeat the forces of Duke Orville Roderick II, a closet Cleric of Hextor. Won the Battle of the Mardak by slipping into the Duke’s camp at nightfall and slaying him.~~
  • Ranburildad – Slayed Vor’ough again, who became a powerful Lich.~~
  • Unknown location – Retrieved three Holy Relics.~~
  • Thaczil Darastrixi – Slayed Seranos.~~

~Done with the aid of Cyrus O’mally.
~~Done with the aid of both Cyrus and Cleric of Heironeous, Jordyn Cacoilo.

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The Dragonsbane Brothers

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