The Dragonsbane Prophecy

The Dragonsbane Prophecy was a foretelling of events by the Silver Dragon Gladys. Although the prophecy itself was recorded, it was predicted about 500 years before the actual events took place (hence, Gladys predicted these events around the year 510, which was on the cusp of the beginning of the Second Age). The prophecy is as follows:


  • A conflict once quelled -
    Now a conflict again.
    Between dragons of the Planes
    and Dragons in the world of Men.
  • A Hero now birthed -
    a product of malign Love.
    Another Hero birthed
    from the same Father was above.
  • The two will rise
    from Poverty and Shame
    in the Mage’s eyes
    to Office and Fame.
  • By Spell and by Sword
    Dragons of color will be slain
    Until the stirred dust is settled
    by the Brothers Dragonsbane."

- Gladys, the Silver Dragon of Prophecy

Analysis: The poetic prophecy is actually translated from Draconic (as Gladys first witnessed the events in her own tongue.) Despite this fact, many of the stanzas still reflect the A,B,A,B rhyme scheme when in Common, suggesting that perhaps the divine force behind the prophecy wanted the masses, who speak Common, to understand it and have the legend passed down.

“The conflict once quelled” refers to the first Chromatic War (originated circa 800, with Material Plane involvement only beginning in 915 by the Magocracy – see The Fourth Age). As common knowledge understands, the Dragonsbane brothers were responsible for slaying the Red Dragon Seranos, who plotted to start a Second Chromatic War by bringing dragons from multiple planes to Thaczil Darastrixi in Gamon to wage war. With the help of other mages, the Improved Gate that would have accomplished this was sealed. This refers to the settling of the “dust,” which refers to the dead bodies (dust to dust, etc) that would have ensued if the war had re-emerged.

The “Hero birthed” of “malign love” is a direct reference to Aradon Dragonsbane, whose mother was Seranos, but whose father was a powerful and wise warrior. Likewise, the other “Hero” is Roto Dragonsbane, who shared Aradon’s father, but whose mother was a powerful mage. The rest of the poem describes the rise of the two half-brothers to power within the Magocracy.

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The Dragonsbane Prophecy

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