The Farun Civil War

The Farun Civil War is a currently ongoing conflict between members of the Veiled Alliance Resistance Forces and the Kingdom of Farun. The Veiled Alliance fights for the right to freely use magic within Farun without fear of persecution, while Farun’s soldiers fight to control the mages who are generally thought to be dangerous.

The War began in the summer of 1010, when Baron Prevalas of Ar’ginth was assassinated by the Dragonsbane brothers, Cyrus O’mally, and Jordyn Cacoilo. Prevalas was a critical target of the Veiled Alliance due to his frequent employment of the Slayers, who were warriors that were specifically trained to kill arcane spellcasters. To gain favor with the Alliance, the Dragonsbane party fooled Prevalas by joining his forces under disguises and by performing various evil tasks in his name. Once they got within personal range of Prevalas, they killed him, sparking a revolution in Ar’ginth where mages of the Veiled Alliance temporarily seized control of Prevalas’s castle in the Battle of Ar’ginth.

The VARF consists Veiled Alliance mage units, supported by the Ar’ginth Cavaliers and Holy Order of Paladins. The VARF also inspired a few units of spearmen and militiamen of Ar’ginth and Camillo to betray the Kingdom of Farun and fight alongside the mages.

Farun’s army consists of countless infantry units (spearmen, archers, swordsmen, etc.) that are backed up by experienced troops on horseback that are devastating on the plains. Farun also boasts the Slayers, which are elite units that cripple the mages of the VARF. The aristocracy of Farun has also been noted, in desperation, to resort to making pacts with Warlock tribes, Necromancers, and evil Clerics to summon legions of vampires and undead creatures to fight the VARF (this was such the case in the Battles of the Mardak and Camillo).

The table below summarizes the main battles fought so far in the Civil War.

Name of Battle Generals/Leaders Winner Year
Battle of Ar’ginth Nathaniel Greystorm, Xel’yn Zeron (VARF), Lieutenant Lyons (Farun) Veiled Alliance 1010
Battle of the Mardak Roto Dragonsbane, Aradon Dragonsbane, Cyrus O’mally (VARF), Duke Oreville Roderick II (Farun) Veiled Alliance 1010
Battle of Dewton River William Jerving, Xel’yn Zeron (VARF), Duke Eric Blair, King Faragrin Sarilob (Farun) Farun 1011
Battle of Camillo William Jerving, Xel’yn Zeron (VARF), Constable Robert Zale (Farun) Inconclusive 1011

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The Farun Civil War

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