The Fourth Age

The Fourth Age began in 936. In this year, Father Kragen, a Cleric of a little-known deity, had a prophetic vision:

“As I take my solemn vow,
To Jericho, I say, all heads shall bow -
When the Ships come from the East
all of Drua will rejoice in bountiful feast.
For the Kingdom anew shall extend,
from Water Blue and every riverbend,
across the plains to Water Silver,
with all goods for the people to pilfer.
The Malestrom, with strength and power,
with deflect the North and West at every hour,
‘Till the Kingdom need not Jericho’s mend,
And shall praise peace and glory ’till the end.”
— Father Kragen’s prophecy from Jericho, deity of the Seas and Water.

Invasions from the West (Magocracy) and North (Farun) threatened the peaceful clans of the East. Kragen claimed to have seen the deity Jericho come down on the people of the Eastern Sea and promise protection. Many of the clans followed Kragen because they did not know where else to turn in this time of trouble.

In 947, eleven years later, the “ships” arrived – nomadic peoples, who worshiped Jericho, arrived from a distant island (now found to be the island of Cypress.) Together, the tribes founded the high-walled city of Phavor on the Southeastern River Delta. They soon spread settlement further down the rivers and founded Satewen in 952, on the banks of Lake Silverstrum.

Fearing the expansion of a new kingdom, King Deralus III, the new Monarch of Farun, swiftly moved to engage Satewen by sending troops from Ar’ginth. A scout reported that the army of Deralus III was coming to engage the near-defenseless town. A lone Paladin by the name of Imrithar Dane called out to the people, “Where is your faith? I will engage them alone and win, with Jericho’s aid.” He rode out and met the King’s forces on opposing banks of the Rulak River. Dane challenged the army to combat, screaming at the top of his lungs that he could stop them all. After a laugh, Farun’s army launched hundreds of arrows at Dane, only to be deflected by the suddenly rising river water. Indeed – the winds halted, the water rose, and lightning struck those who dared approach the barrier. This phenomena was known as The Malestrom, and it was created as a defensive technique by Jericho to protect his small, growing theocracy from invaders. For ten years, the Theocracy was protected by the Malestrom’s power. If invaders came to the border rivers, the waters would turn against them, barring them from entering the area. Thus, the Malestrom ended in 962.

In 962, when the wards of the Malestrom faded, the Theocracy of Jericho emerged as the prophecy stated – from Lake Silverstrum (Water Silver) to the Eastern Sea (Water Blue) with well-defended settlements and a prosperous people. In the next 20 years, the settlements of Jitden and Oriaenth were formed as extensions to the Theocracy, as Jericho was a popular deity.

In 989, the Dwarves of Thenaun. ended their isolation and allied themselves with the Theocracy of Jericho. Thenaunians had great reverence for Jericho, who they believe helps preserve the life that Moradin granted them.

  • Time Period: 936-Present (currently 1012)
  • Weapons: Fully Modern. All current meele/ranged weapons, magic items, scrolls, etc.
  • Politics: Split between Farun, the Magocracy, and the Theocracy of Jericho, with influences from Thaczil Darastrixi (see below)

The Chromatic War
Circa 800, the extraplanar Chromatic Dragons caught wind of Cheranel’s “magical mingling” with the humans and decided to wage war against the Metallic Dragons. Known as the “Chromatic War,” the conflict raged on until 923. In 910, the war reached the Material Plane, so the Magocracy took action and allied the Metallic Dragons in their struggle in 915. In 923, a territorial treaty firmly quelled the conflict in the Material Plane by separating the Metallic and Chromatic Dragons by banishing the Chromatic Dragons to the Southern lands. Most dragons who lost their territory left for other planes, but some (such as Seranos and Ruficient) stayed to form Thaczil Darastrixi, or The Land of Dragons.

In 940, the Elder Council of the Magocracy Passed the Draconic Relocation Act for protection of the hunted Metallic Dragons (as many mages became biased towards ALL dragons) and forced removal of the Chromatic Dragons. Many Chromatic Dragons ignored this act of legislation and remained in Thaczil Darastrixi, becoming a thorn in the Magocracy’s side.

Recent History (years 1000-1012)
1000 – The Veiled Alliance is formed in Farun. The VA is a secret organization of underground wizards and arcane spellcasters. Arcane magic was made an illegal practice following the formation of the Magocracy.
1010 – The Dragonsbane Brothers leave the woods of Ranburildad and begin ascending in the ranks of the Magocracy. Through their adventures, they fulfill the acts of an ancient prophecy by slaying the Great Red Dragon, Seranos. With help from Cyrus O’mally and Jordyn Cacoilo, the Brothers also killed two corrupt monarchs in Farun and helped spark The Farun Civil War.
1010-1012 – See Farun Civil War article for war details.
1011 – The Monarchy relaxes anti-mage laws. Anyone who wishes to practice arcane magic is allowed to do so, as long as they work for Farun’s government.

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The Fourth Age

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