The Second Age

The Second Age was marked by a severe rise in human power. Galantoris, the first human city, was erected in 473 in the Northern Plains. Soon, other cities popped up in the area – Ar’ginth in 530, and Camillo in 542, for instance. This spurred the creation of powerful city-states that battled for power. The War of the Cities ravaged the north from 550 to 612. In 612, the conflict ended when Camillo, Ar’ginth, and the minor city-state of Garilla surrendered to Galantoris and accepted the fealty of their local regent -* Lord Ankarenth II*.

Lord Ankarenth II soon became King Ankarenth II. He began to expand his empire further south. In conquests across the Mardak Desert, he defeated tribes of raiders, halflings, and even eldritch mephits and sphinxes by force of arms. When Ankarenth II died, his son Ankarenth III assumed control, establishing the governmental tradition of patriarchal Monarchy rule. In his lifetime, Ankarenth III ordered the building of Tarth Moorda, a fortress that Ankarenth III claimed to be “invincible.” By 775. Ankarenth III’s conquests created a Kingdom that spanned from the tip of the Northern Plains to the glistening waters of Lake Silverstrum. The Kingdom was named Farun, for “far run.”

  • Time Period: 473-782
  • Weaponry: After the War of the Cities, combined human intellect and influence helped spur iron and steel weapons. The latter was a combined effort with local dwarves in the Mountain Pass.
  • Politics: The Kingdom of Farun is created.

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The Second Age

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