Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

Down the Dewton - Part 3

Our heroes proceeded down the Dewton River, leaving the White Tomb. After studying the extended family tree, they noted two oddities in the royal family:

  • Charles Lane, as a teenager, ran away from home and is rumored to have descendants.
  • Lady Elizabeth Varr, husband to the deceased Lord Varr, has not been seen since her husband’s death.

The party sailed towards the crossing of the Dewton River and a northern tributary, often called the River Nord. The bard and Laralan spotted a Royal ship in the distance, so the party and Argus all hid in storage compartments below their ship’s deck. Charles, Argus’s second-in-command, took control of the ship.

A group of 3 soldiers, led by a Cleric of Hextor by the name of Jane Kyssinder boarded the ship and informed Charles that they would be searching the ship for “illegalities.” Charles saw three cloaked figures on the Royal ship, gathering to cast some form of a dark summoning spell. When Charles questioned Jane, she said that he had “seen too much,” and she took her heavy flail and nearly killed him. This prompted the crew to start engaging the soldiers.

The party exited their hiding places and tried to bait Kyssinder and the guards down the trapdoor, where they could overpower the enemies as they came through a narrow choke point. Kyssinder did not fall for the ruse, as she reasoned that she would draw the party out by threatening and/or killing their allies on deck.

The fight was long. Alex spent most of it buffing the party with spells like Bless and Shield of Faith and healing Charles and other battered crew members.

In an attempt to disrupt the ritual of the figures on the other boat, Laralan cast Darkness, but to no avail – the figures used a means called Devil’s Sight to see through the darkness. Laralan used updraft to soar into the air above deck, and pelt Jane with arrows.

The bard opened by inspiring courage in his allies, and then he moved on deck, where he used his Deck of Illusions. He drew the King of Spades, which created an illusion of 3 Clerics of Ehlonna. Jane did not fall for it, but everyone else did. The illusions later proved useful, as they distracted the figures on the other boat. He then took multiple shots with his crossbow, damaging Kyssinder’s henchmen all around.

Ost shot multiple spells at Kyssinder throughout the fight, attempting to neutralize her. He tried to tumble past her to cast an offensive spell, but she wound up hitting him with her flail – it was revealed that it was a flail of frost. He damaged her with scorching rays and acid splashes, and then he tried to blind her with Glitterdust, but she resisted. He also summoned a celesial eagle to help dispatch the guards.

When Argus charged above deck to help his crew, Morak soon followed. Morak tumbled around Jane and, through a variety of flanks and sneak attacks, dispatched her guards with ease. He and Argus then moved to attack Jane.

The party spellcasters soon realized that the other 3 figures on the boat were Warlocks, and that they were attempting to summon a moderately powerful Devil to aid them. Ost sent his familiar, a raven, to grab this crystal that appeared to be the focus of the summoning. After making some saves, the raven grabbed the crystal and flew away, disrupting the summoning. The raven flew the crystal to Laralan, who cast Shatter to destroy it.

When Jane was injured, she immediately expended a great amount of reserve energy to heal herself. She then moved to Argus, disabling him with an Inflict Serious Wounds spell (bringing him to 0 HP). After a few more rounds of taking hits from Morak, Laralan, and Ost, Jane finally fell to the attack of Ost’s summoned eagle. She was not dead, but bleeding out onto the deck.

The head warlock was revealed to be James O’mally, who Laralan recalled to be the target of Antnar Xunaste and the Assassins in Garilla. O’mally used an invocation to take to the air, and he blasted Laralan with an Eldritch Chain, hitting both Laralan and Alex. The other two Warlocks dispatched the rest of the bard’s fake clerics – after they disappeared, they realized that they were just illusions.

Once Jane was down, the party and the crew used their ranged weapons to shoot down the two weaker warlocks. James O’mally flew away, knowing that the battle was lost.

Laralan stabilized and restrained Jane, so that the party could question her later.
The party earned 825 xp for the fight. (plus more once the questioning is complete)

(End of Session)



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