Demons, Devils, and Dragonsbane

The Tome of Understanding - Part 1

In the town of Khuldas, our three brave adventurers began their quest:
Morak – a Human Rogue, age 25, whose parents have recently died. Morak’s sister has recently settled down with a farmer, leaving Morak to make a living however he wishes – be it by illegal or legal methods. Morak was hired by the Johnson family to provide security during the ex-mayor Johnson’s funeral.

Etchapikka-aa – a Gnome Druid of about age 42. Etch, as we call her, is a Druid of the Elder Leaves. Her views on the war are neutral, for the most part. She was called to this funeral to pay respects for Johnson, as he was a man worthy of even the druid’s respect.

Arden – a Human Monk of age 18. Only known to a few, Arden’s father was a member of the Veiled Alliance Resistance Forces, and he recently died during the Farun Civil War. Seeking justice, Arden learned the ways of the monk so that he could be prepared for a difficult journey into a world of war – both around him, and within himself as he deals with his inner motives of revenge.

The players met at Johnson’s funeral. As the local priest, Reverend Andrew, blessed the body of Johnson, some hired hands carried his body down to the graveyard in Khuldas. After a few minutes, screams of pain were heard from the bearers of Johnson’s body. Andrew gathered the family into the church while our heroes decided to investigate.

The party soon discovered that the tomb was infested with spiders and scorpions. They fought past groups of creatures as they tried to reach the location of the late Johnson’s tomb. On the way, the party acquired several potions (cure light wounds, invisibility) and a Helmet of Detect Magic and Comprehend Languages. Next to this tomb, they found the queen of these spiders and slew her, thus ending the temporary infestation of the Johnson family tomb. After searching the immediate area, they found a tunnel that lead to a nest (presumably where the vermin came from). Moreover, they discovered a shovel or two, signifying that this tunnel was man-made.

In the tomb of the late Mayor Johnson, the party discovered a Tome of Understanding, a legendary book that is said to make its readers more wise. For some unknown reason, this book was left unopened, and the magic of wisdom still appears to flow through its pages.



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