Known as the Shining Empire, The Empire of Azuria (Azuria for short) is a nation controlled by a legion of Paladins known as the Justice Blade. Azuria’s population is mainly human, with a few elves, dwarves, half-elves, and gnomes mixed in. It spans from the Northern Sea to the West and the Castle of Solace and the Elven Lands to the East. The West is covered in a rough mountain range, while the East alternates between the vast Plains of Azuria and the Dead Hills.

The capital of Azuria is Azure City (Oots reference). It is controlled by the upper council of the Justice Blade, which seeks to use Azuria’s army and navy to create peace across Gamon and also destroy the neighboring force of undead that have gained free will after the fall of Vecna.

In the Dark Age, Azuria is one of the three powers that formed the Holy Covenant. As such, it is at war with The Kingdom of Farun and the Northern Confederacy.

As stated above, Azuria is controlled by the upper council of the Justice Blade. There is a hierarchy of Paladins from that point down, from advisors to lower-level enforcers. Most major cities have Paladins guarding the gates, to prevent those of Evil intent from entering.


Azuria does not tolerate evil. Period. They want to be a “shining” example of peace and prosperity to the rest of the world. They share an alliance with the Theocracy of Jericho, though they are wary of the trade monopolies growing in the Theocracy. They have also signed a peace treaty with the residents of The Elven Lands, ending a bloody war with the Elves over territory, and resulting in the founding of The Castle of Solace. They distrust The Magocracy, the The Kingdom of Farun, and any organizations to the North in Voron.

At the beginning of The Dark Age, Azuria had to recall soldiers from Norbond, as the Kingdom of Farun threatened to raze the city, and everyone in it, to the ground if their military did not leave immediately. Norbond now belongs to Farun.

Since the formation of the Holy Covenant in the Dark Age, Azuria has combined its navy with that of the Theocracy to form Gamon’s largest navy. With the Covenant, Azuria’s paladins venture to distant lands to thwart the efforts of Farun and the Confederacy.

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