Elven Lands

The Elven Lands are located to the East of Azuria, the Shining Empire. They are on a different continent than mainland Drua. They are densely wooded, with one mountain range to the south. They are home to tribes of High Elves and large populations of Grey and Wood Elves. The River Shen runs through the land, dividing the Wood and Grey elf settlements. High Elves mix in and are welcomed everywhere, but a class system often keeps the more intelligent Grey Elves in power.

The capital of the Elven Lands is the Grey-Elf dominated city of Gonolas, which is located in the lone mountain range of the land. It is a center of knowledge, and has learning institutions that rival those of the Magocracy.

Since the formation of the Holy Covenant in the Dark Age, the Elves have formed stronger relations with the Theocracy and, in general, became less isolated from world politics. Worship of Corellan, the patron deity of the Elves, has surged. Due to the Covenant’s influence, worship of other deities (especially Heironeous and Jericho) has also spread to some of the larger Elven settlements.

The Elves are organized in a Monarchy that closely resembles a Magocracy – they have an Elven King, but the King and his nobles are often powerful mages. Typically, the Grey Elves are the ruling class, as they are most skilled with magic; the Wood Elves are the workers and soldiers, as they are stronger. However, most Grey Elves, though arrogant, are wise and just rulers, so there is little complaint among the Wood Elf population.

Concerning foreign policy, the Elves are very open to trade agreements, but they are isolationist in most cases. They only interact with the Empire of Azuria when necessary via the Castle of Solace.
Domestically, the Elves try to co-exist with the creatures of the forest. The Satyrs and Centaurs often fight, so the Elves try to mediate. The Elves are on friendly terms with local sprites, but rouge sprites often pose threats. More importantly, the Elves are focusing on keeping trade routes to their port cities open – goods are often damaged in transit due to attacks by fearsome creatures of the forests.

Since the formation of the Holy Covenant, the Elves have an official alliance with the Theocracy of Jericho as well as Azuria.


  • Gonolas, the elven capital and home of the Grey Elves.
  • Eolas, a tranquil lakeside town, and home of some Wood Elves and High elves.

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The Castle of Solace

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