Northern Confederacy

The Northern Confederacy is one of the two dominant powers on the continent of Voron, the other power being the Dwarven Kingdom. It is an alliance between the Drow, or Dark Elves, and the amphibious Kuo-Toa. Although the two technically have equal numbers in terms of population, the superior intelligence and magical abilities of the Drow make them the ruling class; the majority of government officials and leaders in the Confederacy are Drow.

By 1019 in The Dark Age, the Confederacy had absorbed most of the lands that formerly belonged to the Dwarven Kingdom. The dwarves and svirneblin (deep gnomes) that inhabited the great dwarven cities are now slaves to their female Drow overlords, who use them as fodder soldiers and tunnelers. The dwarves resent their overlords, and seek to rebel at any instance. When dwarves show particular ingenuity, the Drow move them to engineering camps, where they are forced to design new weapons and transportation systems for the Confederacy. Though the rate of technological increase in the Confederacy has been slower than the rate of increase in the Kingdom of Farun, (as the dwarves try to sabotage the designs whenever possible), substantial progress has been made. The dark elf hand crossbow has been gradually replaced by the hand pistol, networks of tunnels have become networks of air-pressurized subways near geothermal vents, and arcane research has become science and psionic research.

As psionic races tend to live underground, the Dark Elves have more knowledge of psionics than the other two factions. As such, this gives them the “edge” that arcane magic used to give other countries. However, recent events have Farun and the Holy Covenant exploring psionics.

The entire Confederacy is ruled by the High Queen of the Drow (always a Queen as opposed to a King, as the Drow are matriarchal). The Queen calls forth a council of officials and delegates from the Confederacy to assist in drafting general policies, laws, and regulations for the Confederacy, but she need not rely on or require the council’s approval to take political actions, as her word is law.

Generally, each city within the Confederacy is ruled by a Governor, who assigns laws and regulations as he or she sees fit (as long as they do not conflict with rules assigned by the High Queen). The Queen controls the Governors, and the Governors directly control their cities. Fear of the Queen and the might of the Confederate army keeps the various Governors in line.


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Northern Confederacy

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