Theocracy of Jericho

The Theocracy of Jericho is a government run by Clerics and priests of Jericho, the God of the Seas and Water. For more details on the founding of the Theocracy, check this page.

The Theocracy of Jericho spans from Sylvana Forest in the West to the Eastern Sea. It also encompasses the isle of Cypress, where the original immigrants to the Theocracy were from.

Since the beginning of the Dark Age, the Theocracy is one of the three powers that joined the Holy Covenant.

Cyrpress City

Points of Interest:
The Arid Wastes
The Drua Marshes
Lake Silverstrum
Mountain Pass
Sylvana Forest

The Theocracy of Jericho is run by Clerics. Its leader is the Primarch, who holds absolute authority over all matters in the Theocracy. It is his duty to interpret the will of Jericho and see fit that the Theocracy follows it.

The Primarch (like the Pope) is elected by a College of Cardinals, and the Cardinals are chosen from a pool of Bishops. Once elected, a Primarch rules for life. The Bishops, in turn, rule over groups of local priests and Clerics who have positions of significance in their local Churches. Every Cleric or priest typically trains an apprentice.

In short, the scale of power is as follows, from least to greatest: Apprentices, Local Clerics, Bishops, Cardinals, and the Primarch. Bishops hold positions of governing or authority, while Cardinals exert powers over broad districts rather than individual towns.

Domestic Policies:
The Judicators, as a political party, are currently in power, as the Primarch is a judicator. As such, the Primarch’s current domestic goal is the purging of heretics and non-believers from the Church. He has appointed many Bishops and Priests to the rank of Inquisitioner, so that any cleric who calls himself an “officer of the Theocracy” and does not worship Jericho may be removed from power.

Although many Judicators will not admit to it, there are rumors of extremist Judicator factions that, in the name of their Holy Deity, will execute any Cleric who does not worship Jericho at the first opportunity. They believe in having a “true” Church, and will even kill those Clerics who are found to be worshipers or admirers of Lawful or Good deities such as Pelor, Ehlonna, Heironeous, and the like.

These actions are frowned upon by the Purifiers, the rival political party, who would seek only to dismiss non-Jericho-worshipers from office and only resort to murder or execution if the Cleric worshiped an outright Evil deity. The Purifiers have broader goals and seek to promote “pure goodness” rather than let wicked interpretations of the law corrupt their goals.

The Primarch at the end of the Fourth Age was Bartholomew Oswald, who ruled until his death in 1077.
In the Dark Age, the Primarch was replaced by Primarch Tobias in 1077, making Tobias the first newly elected Primarch of the Dark Age. Since the rise of Tobias and the formation of the Holy Covenant, the Purifiers have lost most of their political power. Tobias has shifted the Theocracy’s focus to the global world, and seeks to raise armies to defend the Covenant and destroy the evil that surrounds the Covenant.

International Policy:
Though Purifier regimes have set the precedent of isolationism (refrain from foreign intervention) for the past century, recent Judicator Primarchs have taken steps toward the policy of containment. In short, Theocratic Primarchs will only dispatch their military to other nations if the goal is to contain or stop the spread of some greater evil. One instance of containment was when Primarch Oswald sent three convoys of warships to assist the Magocracy in their efforts to slay Seranos and her fellow Chromatic Dragons and prevent the outbreak of a Second Chromatic War.

Since the beginning of the Dark Age, the Purifiers have all but lost power, as the world’s injustice has fueled the fire of the Judicators to the point that they nearly have full control of the Theocracy. Due to this and the fact that the military of the Theocracy is controlled by the Holy Covenant, the Theocracy’s navy has combined with the navy of Azuria to form the largest navy Gamon has ever seen to combat evil (and protect vital trade routes).

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Theocracy of Jericho

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