“To defeat true Evil, you must first defeat the evil within yourself.”
- Cheranel, instructing Cyrus O’mally

Cheranel, commonly referred to as the Golden Savior by inhabitants of the Magocracy and the Breeding Traitor by the Chromatic Dragons of Thaczil Darastrixi, is Gold Great Wyrm Dragon who was responsible for the spread of magic among the humans, elves, and gnomes of Southwestern Drua during the Third Age.

  • Race: Gold Dragon
  • Age: Great Wyrm (at least 1,201 years). Ironically, this means that there must have been at least 189 years of life where neither humans, nor elves, nor dwarves, nor any civilized race cataloged the passage of time or history.
  • Caster level: As 19th level Sorcerer (at least).
  • Challenge Rating: At least 27

According to legend, Cheranel assumed human form and had sex with female humans of the Jade family, among others. By mixing the bloodline of the dragons with the humans, he created the first Sorcerers – those with a natural ability to cast spells.

The first Sorcerer who learned how to scribe his spells onto scrolls was Del’mirthar Jade, who later became the first Elder Mage of the Magocracy. Those who studied Jade’s scrolls became the first Wizards.

Role in the Chromatic War
Cheranel’s actions in mixing the bloodlines of the Dragons and the Humans was purely meant to prevent the destruction of the Southeastern race and culture by the armies of Farun’s King Ankarenth III. With magic, the denizens of the Southeast could achieve independence and peace.

However, the Chromatic Dragons, mainly the Red Dragon Seranos, the Ruthless, and the Green Dragon Ruficent, the Devious, found Cheranel’s actions in merging the bloodlines abhorrent. Magic was the most powerful weapon and strength of the dragons – and Cheranel carelessly gave it away. This prompted the much-anticipated Chromatic War of the Fourth Age, where Metallic and Chromatic Dragons waged war for control of Southeastern Drua.

With the aid of the humans in the newly formed Magocracy, the Metallic Dragons overpowered the Chromatic Dragons, ending the war around 923. The Chromatic Dragons were banished to the deep southern lands. Most dragons who lost territory left the Material Plane, but a few, such as Ruficent and Seranos, remained and formed Thaczil Darastrixi, i.e. the Land of Dragons. The Chromatic Dragons soon seized control over a large army of Orcs, among other creatures.

Cheranel, on the other hand, spearheaded the growth of the early Magocracy.

Role in the defeat of Seranos and Ruficent
When the The Dragonsbane Brothers and Cyrus O’mally encountered Seranos in the Dravan Wastes, Seranos was exploiting the trio to retrieve a Tome of Clear Thought that was guarded by clever wards placed by Cheranel. Instead of giving in and handing the book to Seranos, The Dragonsbane Brothers decided to fight her, and Roto Dragonsbane threw the Tome into a Prismatic Wall, destroying it and its contents. Cheranel (via scrying) saw this, and Seranos was enraged, killing Roto in the process. Seranos then tried to convince Aradon Dragonsbane to join her cause, as a Red dragon. He declined, and she critically wounded him and left, not inclined to kill her own child.

The party was brought back by Magocracy officials to the Magocracy’s floating capital city. There, Cheranel approached the party and informed them that they would need more power to defeat Seranos. Particularly, he told Cyrus O’mally that he must venture to Farun and confront his Demon, removing the evil inside himself. Cheranel sent the party to Farun, where they would hopefully find the strength that they needed.

In the meantime, Cheranel gathered the few remaining Metallic Dragons and used them to guard outposts in the Magocracy that were dangerously close to Thaczil Darastrixi, such as Tarth Ad’reil. When the party returned to the Magocracy with Jordyn Cacoilo, they were ready to kill Seranos.

A party of 8, consisting of Cheranel, a descendant of Imrithar Dane (also a Paladin), Gandriel Drinu (Eldritch Knight and Arbiter of the Magocracy), Dredana Mellias (Diviner and an Executor of the Magocracy), The Dragonsbane Brothers, Cyrus O’mally, and Jordyn Cacoilo teleported near the lair of Seranos, where they knew Ruficent and Seranos were hiding. After fighting through waves of minions and getting past the elaborate defenses of the Dragons, the party split in two – the first four (Cheranel, Dane, Drinu, and Mellias) went to slay Ruficent, while the rest of the party slew Seranos.

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