Dwarven Kingdom

The Dwarven Kingdom was formally established in the mid-500s. It is the current good-alinged bastion of power in Voron. For information on the Kingdom’s founding, read Voron, A History.

The Kingdom has four major settlements:

  • Fengar, the Dwarven capitol and home of the Mountain Dwarves, the Barlock.
  • Barinigon, the home of the Svirneblin, or the Deep Gnomes.
  • Orinth, the ancestral home of the Rinthar, or the Hill Dwarves.
  • Daren, the underground city and home of the Daragrin, the Deep Dwarves.

The current Dwarven King is Dalin Axearm. He is a direct descendant of Kalin Axearm, who lead the Dwarves in the Dwarven-Troll wars and the Dwarven-Craudion Wars. In general, he is a fair ruler who is respected by most of the Dwarves. However, his power as of late has been limited due to gridlock between the King and the Dwarven Council, who are influenced by other political factors. Main issues include failed mining expeditions, increased pressure to engage the Northern Confederacy, and the legal status of the Deep Gnomes who reside in Barinigon.

The Dwarven Council:
The Dwarven Council, established by a document known as the Lalir Hasgar (circa 900), consists of 8 representatives (2 from each settlement) that, through consensus, can both check the power of the current Dwarven King and regulate agencies under the control of the Kingdom without the King’s consent. Because they are elected representatives, they often have more regional or sectional motivations than the Dwarven King does.

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Dwarven Kingdom

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