“Magic is dangerous in inexperienced hands. You know this to be true! I have given up everything – turned away the lights of Heaven – so that my country could be shielded from this danger!” – King Faragrin Sarilob

Faragrin Sarilob was the 6th King of Farun. He began as a benevolent ruler – he swore the Paladin’s oath and was also a member of the Justice Blade that now rules Azuria. He was a strict upholder and champion of the law – he set out to keep his people safe from invaders and injustice. However, this led to Sarilob’s demise. As King, Sarilob was obligated to enforce the laws of the land, and that included the law against practice of Magic by commoners. Sarilob, like all leaders before him, believed that in magic was a dangerous power – and power, in any form, is a dangerous and corrupting force in the wrong hands. Though he was a Paladin, he disagreed with many of his brothers in the Justice Blade who had no qualms about commoners using magic. Sarilob trained elite units in his army, called the Slayers, to protect the common people from rogue users of magic. To Sarilob, they all represented a threat to the security of the Kingdom.

When the Veiled Alliance formed in the year 1000, they began as an interest group and petitioned Sarilob to allow commoners to practice magic. Sarilob opposed on the grounds of the common law of Farun. More importantly, he obtained a list of the first Veiled Alliance members from the lobbyists and sought to kill all Veiled Alliance members for treason against the government. When Sarilob commissioned the Slayers to hunt down and exterminate all members of the Alliance, he lost his powers as a Paladin. In Sarilob’s eyes, this was a justifiable sacrifice – the security of Farun was more important.

As the Veiled Alliance used this extermination as propaganda against Sarilob, the King grew more and more paranoid about the Veiled threat. He turned to Demons and the Clerics of Nerull, getting his family members involved with the dark practitioners in the process. He used his new dark Cleric, Warlock, and Demonic agents to help flush out the Veiled Alliance insurgents. Nonetheless, his actions simply fueled the Veiled Alliance and, in the summer of 1010, when The Dragonsbane Brothers killed Baron Prevalas of Ar’ginth, the stage was set for the The Farun Civil War to begin.

Sarilob spent many moments during the war at the various Abyssal Gates spread about Farun, seeking aid from the Warlock clans (particularly the O’mally Clan) and the Demons. When he was near an Underground Gate, negotiating with the Demons there, the party of Cyrus O’mally, Jordyn Cacoilo, Azura, and General Aramil of the Veiled Alliance killed him. (See the links for more info).

Minutes prior to his death, Faragrin beseeched his son Valerian, who was a Paladin who came to investigate his father’s turn to Evil. Faragrin begged Valerian to take up his role and protect the land from rogue magic. Valerian agreed, and consequently became a Fallen Paladin.

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