Holy Covenant

“We are the only force that stands against the corruption, intolerance, and injustice that now exists in Gamon. We must give everything that we have for our world, because that is all that can ever be given!”
- Primarch Tobias, Cleric of Jericho

In 1018, the Holy Covenant was formed as a military, economic, and religious alliance among the Theocracy of Jericho, Elven Lands, and the Azurian Empire.

After the fall of the Magocracy and the subsequent degradation of all non-human races that inhabited it at the hands of The Kingdom of Farun, the Elves realized that it was time to come out of isolation, for their very race and religious practices were being threatened on a global scale. Furthermore, the enslavement and extortion of most dwarves (with the exception of those who were a part of the Theocracy) raised serious moral objections by all of the typically good-aligned races of the Azurian continent, even by the Elves. A conference was held at the Castle of Solace with representatives from the three powers, and negotiations began. It is said that during the negotiations, the deities Heironeous, Corellan, and Jericho descended from the heavens and blessed this Covenant, as it would lead to the preservation of religious faith in Gamon.

Major Cities:
Azure City
Cypress City

The Covenant, as many say, is run by the deities themselves. While this is not entirely true, it has a grain of truth, as all of the Covenant’s leaders are intermediaries for the deities, and the deities themselves often make appearances to encourage citizens of the Covenant to keep the faith. Each of the three major powers in the Covenant chooses a Primarch – a powerful Cleric or Favored Soul of a their patron deity – to represent them. The three Primarchs then have full control of the Covenant’s military, currency, and navy. Otherwise, the powers that formed the Covenant (The Theocracy, Elves, and the Azurian Empire) govern as they always have – independently of each other.

The government of the Holy Covenant is run in the Castle of Solace, where its main military bases and magical research facilities are. The three Primarchs live and rule from the Castle, which is said to be the safest place in the Covenant, as it is protected by the deities themselves.

Current Primarchs:
The current Primarchs are:

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Holy Covenant

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