Jericho is the Lawful Good deity of Water and the Seas. He is typically worshiped by humanoids and a variety of Good-aligned creatures that inhabit oceans, shorelines, and islands. He looks upon his loyal subjects with favor and rewards those who earnestly and lawfully make a living, in addition to those who seek to justly defend their coastal homelands from invaders.

  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Law, Water, Healing, Inquisition, Purification
  • Category: Greater Deity
  • Favored Weapon: Trident

Jericho is the deity that is worshiped by the people of the Theocracy. Jericho’s initial appearance in the Material Plane sparked the creation of the Theocracy. Though he protected the Theocracy during the period of the Malestrom ward, where Jericho used the force of local rivers to deflect any invaders for a decade, he has since then left his subjects to fend for themselves. Theologists claim that Jericho is testing them, and seeing if they can uphold the Theocratic image of justice that he established on Gamon. Jericho has been rumored to appear to guide the decisions of a few of the worthy Primarchs, but this is mainly speculation.

When Jericho does appear, he is known to take the form of a great shark, a kraken, or a long-bearded human in flowing blue robes.

Jericho’s Theocratic followers are divided into two main categories: Purifiers and Judicators. Purifiers are typically Neutral Good, with the domains of Water, Healing, or Purification if they are Clerics. They seek to aid all of those who need it and have a more liberal approach to government. The Judicators, however, are either Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral. Their Clerics typically have Domains of Law, Good, or Inquisition. Judicators are much more conservative, as they uphold the principles of the law to the highest degree in all possible situations. They will not hesitate to smite evil foes, but they only provide aid to the “worthy.”

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