Jitden is a small town that sits off the coast of Lake Silverstrum.

Quick Stats:

  • Population: 1,200
  • Government: Theocracy of Jericho
  • Power Centers:
    • Clergy of Jericho (LG)
    • Merchant’s Guild (LE)
    • Troglodyte Tribe (CE)
  • Demographics:
    • 37% Human
    • 20% Halfling
    • 18% Elf
    • 10% Dwarf
    • 7% Gnome
    • 5% Half-Elf
    • 3% Half-Orc

The current Head Priest of Jitden is Reginald Leander. He is a known Judicator who has a very clean track record. His primary objective is to stop the recent troglodyte raids on the town. Although he has a supreme distaste for the Merchant’s Guild, he has no lawful authority to shut down branches of the Guild in Jitden. The town constable is Adieth Gerir.

The head of the Merchant’s Guild is Marcus Blight. Blight does not live in Jitden; his Guild is based in Satewen. Blight is a corrupt, greedy merchant whose Guild controls the prices of over two-thirds of businesses in the Silverstrum region, and even some businesses in the Capitol, Phavor. In Jitden, Blight is hated by many small shop owners who now can no longer make a living unless they bow to Blight’s soon-to-be monopoly.

Recently, there have been a series of brutal troglodyte raids on Jitden. Sometimes, the troglodytes attempt to storm the town’s front gate. Other times, they come from the waters of Lake Silverstrum and raid the shipping yards, killing many innocent civilians and guards in the process. The troglodytes are the number one concern of all citizens in Jitden, even more than the corrupt Merchant’s Guild.

Places of Interest:

  • Natia’s Arms & Armor – A store that is free of the influence of the Merchant’s Guild. Owned and operated by Natia Aradril, who took over the business when her husband died. She has been having a difficult time running the business because the Merchant’s Guild refuses to sell her any metal.
  • The Scarlet Feast – The local inn in Jitden. Owned by Clarence Bert, a Neutral Good Innkeeper who happens to be a fountain of useless knowledge.

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