Khuldas is a small farming village that lies close to the Southeastern border of The Kingdom of Farun. It is close to the banks of the Dewton River, which helps link the small village to the rest of Farun via trade.

Basic Information:

  • Town Name: Khuldas
  • Size: Small Village
  • Government: Part of Farun
  • Power Centers:
    Lord James Magrath (Military governor)
    Daniel Black (local Cleric of Pelor)

Khuldas map

Khuldas used to only be under the control of a regional mayor that was elected by the inhabitants of the village. Ever since The Farun Civil War broke out in 1010, King Faragrin Sarilob (now deceased) installed Lord Magrath to power to block any attempts by the Veiled Alliance to recruit citizens to the rebellion.

Though Lord Magrath has successfully deterred the Veiled Alliance’s efforts, his brutal ruling style makes him unpopular with the commoners. The local farmers particularly hate his emphasis on military power, as it causes high taxes and tough times for them.

Though it is a small village, Khuldas produces a fair amount of wheat and livestock that can be sent along the Dewton river to larger settlements. Thus, it is a region that Farun’s monarchy has deemed worthy enough to secure.


  • 96% Human
  • 2% Halfling
  • 1% Elf
  • 1% Other races

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