Phar’lyx is a city that holds similar populations of Kuo-Toa and Drow, in addition to a booming swell of Duregar traders from the East of Voron. It lies on the coast of the Northern Sea (Northern relative to those of Drua, that is). As a port city, Phar’lyx surpasses all other ports in the Northern Confederacy – trade comes in not only from the deep dwarves to the East, but also from the settlements of Def’lier and Syruins to the South. Ships even come from the city of Remelia in Farun to trade, as the Confederacy and Farun have secured an exclusive trade agreement.

Recent Events
In the year 1012, King Valerian Sarilob traveled to Phar’lyx to negotiate a military alliance with the Drow overlords of the Northern Confederacy. Valerian wished to negotiate in the capital city of Xy’lyn (as it would have been more secure) but the Drow wished to keep the defenses of their home citadel a secret. Valerian negotiated with Berana of Xy’lyn, the heir to the throne of the Confederacy and arguably one of the most influential figures in Voron. After they finished negotiating, she was seen teleporting with Valerian to Farun and last mentioned something about “cementing the alliance.”

Shortly after the negotiations, a fleet of ships manned by commanding Drow and legions of the amphibious Kuo-Toa set sail for the city of Remelia in Farun, to break the blockade that was established by the Empire of Azuria.

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