Satewen is a Small City that lies on the banks of Lake Silverstrum. It is the fabled home of the famous Paladin, Imrithar Dane, and home to the infamous Merchant’s Guild.

Quick Stats:

  • Population: 6,000
  • Power Centers:
    • Merchant’s Guild (LE)
    • Clergy of Jericho – Purifiers (NG)
  • Demographics: Same as Jitden.

The city is officially ruled by the Clergy of Jericho, but the true power lies with the Merchant’s Guild, which owns nearly every business in Satewen. The Guild is headed by Marcus Blight, a corrupt tycoon who is rumored to use any means necessary to establish his monopoly over business in the Theocracy. With vast amounts of wealth at his disposal, he has terribly powerful magic items that he uses to ward off “troublemakers.” The Clergy is powerless to deal with him.

The head Cleric in Satewen was Aldous Ren, a Purifier and a Bishop, but he died of an illness recently. Inquisitor Arnold Warris, a Juidcator, has temporarily moved in to try and maintain control. Aldous will soon be replaced by Cecil Grey as Bishop. The town constable is Blake Swordson.

Points of Interest:

  • Rambling Genie Inn – The town’s local inn. Occasionally home to the “Legendary Bard” Relvin, who can play moving pieces on the ocarina and a variety of wind instruments.
  • Carl’s Fishing – Owned by Carl Hookman. An honest businessman, Hookman is having immense difficulty because he is in competition with Lenn’s Boats, which is allied with the Merchant’s Guild.
  • Merchant’s Guild HQ – self-explanatory. A menacing building with more protective abjurations than heads on a hundred hydras.
  • Jordan’s Storage – Operated by Jordan Weling, a storage unit for a significant portion of goods for the Merchant’s Guild.
  • Abandoned Warehouse – Why is this a point of interest? Perhaps it has powerful items stored inside? Secret passageways? Perhaps I’m giving those who actually read this wiki a gigantic hint.

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