White Tomb

The White Tomb is an ancient burial ground for those nobles of the Kingdom of Farun who live in Northeastern Farun. It is located on a small island in the Dewton River that can be reached either by boat or by wading through a ford in the river. Geographically, it is immediately West-Northwest of Garilla and Southeast of Farun’s capital, Galantoris.

It was rumored for years that the Tomb contained, in addition to the decaying bodies of rulers past, a fair share of wealth and magic items buried with the nobles. However, any adventurers or thieves who poked around did not return alive.

However, in 1012, a party of adventurers successfully raided the Tomb and discovered a fair share of wealth. They also uncovered the extended family tree of Farun’s royalty, shown below:

1st Generation: ~610-700
King Ankarenth II of Galantoris
Queen Ankarenth I of Galantoris
Prince Ankarenth III of Galantoris
Princess Ankarenth of II Galantoris

Duke Richard I (married to Ava Ankarenth) of Ar’ginth
Duchess Ankarenth-Richard (elder sister to King Ankarenth) of Ar’ginth

Duke Pierce (married to Theresa Ankarenth) of Camillo
Duchess Ankarenth-Pierce I (younger sister to King Ankarenth) of Camillo

Lord Steele (cousin to Ankarenth II) of Garilla
Lady Steele (married to Lord Steele) of Garilla

2nd Generation: ~700-790
King Ankarenth III of Galantoris
Queen Ankarenth II of Galantoris (incest. Note: their only child died young of a strange disease)*

Duke Richard II (son of Richard I) of Ar’ginth
Duchess Richard (married to Richard II) of Ar’ginth

Duke Deralus I (married to Duchess Ankarenth-Pierce II) of Camillo
Duchess Ankarenth-Pierce Deralus (daughter of Duchess Ankarenth Pierce I) Camillo

Lord Steele II (son of Steele I) of Garilla
Lady Rosa-Steele (married to Steele II) of Garilla

Lord Baxter I (cousin of Ankarenth III) of Belyn
Lady Aren-Baxter (married to Baxter I) of Belyn

*Note: Following the death of Ankarenth III, a struggle for the throne of Farun ensued between Lord Baxter I and Duke Richard II – Baxter I claimed relation to Ankarenth III, as he was a first cousin. Richard II claimed relation to Ankarenth III, as his mother was the eldest sister of Ankarenth II.
With the aid of Duke Deralus I, Baxter I seized the throne in a civil war. Baxter I changed the ruler of Belyn’s title to “Duke” when he assumed the throne.

3rd Generation: ~790-880
King Baxter II (son of Baxter I) of Galantoris
Queen Witt-Baxter (married to Baxter II) of Galantoris
Prince Baxter III (son of Baxter II) of Galantoris*
Princess Caroline Baxter, formerly of Galantoris, then of Remelia (see Remelia)

Duke Deralus II (son of Deralus I) of Ar’ginth
Duchess Ankarenth-Pierce Deralus II of Ar’ginth (incest again)

Duke McCabe (cousin of Baxter II) of Camillo
Duchess McCabe of Camillo

Duke Turner (half-brother of Baxter II) of Belyn
Duchess Turner of Belyn

Baron James Lane (military appointment, married to Caroline Lane) of Remelia
Baroness Caroline Baxter-Lane (aka Princess Baxter of Galantoris) of Remelia**

Lord Steele III (son of Steele II) of Garilla
Lady Steele of Garilla

*Note: Prince Baxter III died in a failed military campaign into Voron, the northern continent. Deralus II assumed the throne and Deralus II’s son, Deralus III, was next in line for the throne.

**Caronline Lane bore a child, Charles Lane, but he ran away from home as a teenager. Charles Lane is rumored to have descendants, but they have not made any claim for the rule of Remelia.

4th Generation: ~880-970
King Deralus III (son of Deralus II) of Galantoris
Queen Deralus of Galantoris
Princess Deralus of Galantoris*

Duke Stephen Sarilob (married to Duchess Turner II) of Belyn
Duchess Turner II (daughter of Duchess Turner I) of Belyn

Duke Witt (second cousin to Deralus III) of Ar’ginth
Duchess Witt of Ar’ginth

Duke Orville Roderick I (first cousin of McCabe) of Camillo
Duchess Roderick of Camillo

Baron Leonard Octavian I (second cousin of James Lane) of Remelia
Baroness Octavian of Remelia

Lord Steele IV of Garilla
Lady Steele of Garilla

*Assassinated in 934, allegedly by the Drow. The King and Queen bore no more children. Stephen Sarilob claimed the throne; the other nobles, save those of Ar’ginth did not contest, as they did not want to repeat the war of the previous generation. The nobles of Ar’ginth were executed, and new ones were appointed, but only with the title of “Baron.”

5th Generation: ~970 onwards

King Faragrin Sarilob (deceased as of 1010) of Galantoris
Queen Anna Blair-Sarilob of Galantoris
King Valerian Sarilob (now king) of Galantoris
Princess Julianne Sarilob of Galantoris

Duke Eric Blair (brother to Anna Blair) of Belyn
Duchess Amanda Sang-Blair of Belyn

Duke Orville Roderick II (cousin to Faragrin Sarilob) of Camillo – deceased as of 1010
Duchess Samantha Roderick of Camillo.

Baron Alder Prevalas (married to Jordan Sarilob) of Ar’ginth – deceased as of 1010
Baroness Jordan Sarilob-Prevalas (sister to Faragrin Sarilob)formerly of Ar’ginth, now of Camillo

Baron Leonard Octavian II (son of Leonard Octavian I) of Remelia
Baroness June Deor-Octavian (married to Octavian II) of Remelia

Lord Nicholas Varr (cousin of Faragrin Sarilob, distant nephew of Steele IV) of Garilla – deceased as of ~1009-1010
Lady Elizabeth Varr (married to Lord Varr) formerly of Garilla*
Lord Maxwell Lockman (military appointment, engaged to Julianne Sarilob) of Garilla

Lord Magrath (military appointment) of Khuldas – deceased as of 1012
Lady Magrath (married to Lord Magrath) of Khuldas

*After the death of her husband, Lord Varr, at the hands of the warlocks, Lady Elizabeth Varr has not been seen. She was last seen leaving a bundle of white roses by her husband’s grave in the White Tomb.

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White Tomb

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