Willowport is a quiet town that lies on the banks of the Eastern Sea. It is a lesser-known part of the Kingdom of Farun. The city receives its name from the large, drooping willow trees that line the coast of the city. It is often the home of retired businessmen, aristocrats, and people of other wealth. Moreover, it is also the site of some illegal trafficking, as this port allows quick and easy transportation of blacklisted goods between merchants from the Theocracy of Jericho and traders in Farun.

Basic Information:

  • Town Name: Willowport
  • Size: Small Town
  • Government: Part of the Kingdom of Farun
  • Power Centers:
    • Harvey Wilford (Constable/Mayor)
    • Blight Goods (Ring of illegal traders from the Theocracy)
    • Leif Gundleson (minor noble, inherited a fortune)

Willowport map

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